Friday, October 5, 2007

A little bit of everything!

I have about 30 minutes before it is time to clock out and instead of doing work I pull out my camera... and look I have PHOTOS to share!

As you all know I have two pussy... CATS (get your mind out of the gutter!) and I bought them Halloween outfits. Maxwell is gonna be a lobster, once I get a bigger size.

Here I am, a proud mommy with her little Angelina!

Awww... she is shy!

There she is! Isn't she the cutest???

Last Saturday, my sister performed at a Christian concert. It was an all day affair and she performed a couple times.

You go FLOWTRISS! "God is good, AMEN!" and it's all for "Mr. G-O-D!"

This is my favorite picture of her performing that day!

HELLO SEXY!!! Where have you been all my life?!?!

Jay got a "sign" from above! He caught a t-shirt that was thrown out to the crowd! And btw, Bay, LOVE your sneakers... my TWO favorite colors in the whole wide world! No Joke!

Afterward, Jay spotted my DREAM car, so we parked, J walked across the street to capture me right next to a Prowler! My dream one is purple, just an FYI if anyone was thinking about surprising me!

Oh.. and what is this??? what are we pointing at???? Why it is Santa's tummy!!!

...cuz SANTA is PREGNANT! Congrats girlie! I am thinking it is a BOY! But she won't know until it pops out.


Anonymous said...

OMG, I was already laughing at Maxwell as a LOBSTER of all absurd things, and then the photo of Angelina face-down on the couch KILLED ME. It's like the costume's too heavy for her to lift her little head up! Or she's embarrassed at what her mommy did to her! HAHAHAHAA!!

Jane Doe said...

I am cracking up here at work! Maxwell will look hilarious with all his fur sticking out from the sides of his lobster outfit!

General Francis X. Hummel said...

I still think you should dress them up and walk them on halloween! Nice prowler we see, Im gonna have to get one of u bending over the passenger side door. God is Good...Amen!

Jane Doe said...

My kitties would freak out! Just imagine how they act when I enter the room and the dart off somewhere... now in public, I am sure they would scratch me up

Anonymous said...

Ilove all the pix! LOL
I love Maxwell! He looks awaomse! Yo the kix that J has on with the shirt he won like nice! I know that I saw them at the event but I like how they look in the pix :-)
You 2 are so cute! Congrats :-)

Jane Doe said...

Thanks again for inviting us to your show! You were great!

Dude, it's Angelina in the pix not Maxwell! You don't even know your own niece and newphew? JESSZ!