Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some sushi, Dodo and a key

Since the last time I posted, I experience some VERY exciting stuff.

1. I had some damn good sushi! I think the place Cindy, Mr. W and I went to Yama Sushi (if not there, then somewhere close to it). I tried quail egg for the first time and LOVED it!!! Of course these pictures are taken from my camera phone and suck.
I was adventurous and tried the lobster head on the left.
This is the quail egg on top of Salmon and crab.

2. While Cindy and Mr. W were traveling in FL and the Dominican Republic, I was watching Dodo. :)

3. And last but no least... See this key... Well, it opens the door to our new home. We got it at a steal and are new home owners. It's so surreal. Tomorrow I am heading to the property and will take some more pics for you to see.