Friday, September 21, 2007

Race photos are in!

At the very top of the first hill of my very FIRST 1/2 marathon was a photographer. He captured this moment of my two older sisters and me 3/4 the way up the hill.

The contrast of this picture cracks me up! Here I am about to DIE and Karla is all smiles! She is a great runner and even her smile attest to that. The entire time she can talk. My answers to her questions was a quick and breathless "yes," "no" or "ask me later" when I am NOT running!


Who would have thought my sensei could look like a killer?!?!
This picture is compliments of our friend, Paul's phtography skills on the set of a short film.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Asked to wear all black yesterday in protest/support

Sentencing was yesterday for the "Jena Six" and in support for them people across the nation wore all black. The evening before I was told about the story and that morning decided to wear all black as well.

Even though it's not uncommon for me to wear all black and probably no one would ask, I made my stance.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Palm Springs surprise and a little extra!

So you have been patiently waiting to hear about this great surprise I got in Palm Spring, so here it is. I'm getting MARRIED!
... Close your mouth, I am just kidding!
I went to my hotel room to sneak away from the meeting because the long days were getting to me. It was Tuesday afternoon and at this point I had been working 9 days straight. I walked into my room and this was my view from the door...

Do you see what's on the table???


A dozen BEAUTIFUL, red roses!!! Here is a back view of them. Can you tell that I am THRILLED to get them??? I even took pictures of them on my camera phone. This was the first time anyone has ever sent me flowers, besides my bosses on Administrative Day. Seriously, I sat down and just starred at them for like 10 minutes and tears rushed down my cheeks. Then tried to compose myself to call him and thank him. Lord, that took like another 10 minutes. Words can't describe how special I felt! Not only did I get a wonderful and heart-felt surprise, but it was JUST BECAUSE! I remember thinking over and over, "these are for me?" WOW! I am not sure what I did to deserve such a wonderful gesture and AWESOME guy, but what ever it is I am glad I did it!

On top of that, he drove the 100+ miles to see me that night! Out of all the people I have ever dated, no one has gone out of there way like this. I am speechless! I feel like a giddy, high school gal! It was a GREAT night!!! :)

That Friday, I took the day off to recuperate and Jay, his daughter, Jayla, and I went to Huntington Library. It was our first time visiting the landmark and one day is just not enough to see the 120 acres of beautiful gardens, so we will be making a trip back.

We asked a staff member if they could take a photo and she posed us in this neat area. You would never have guessed that there were tons of chairs and tables around us.

This is my favorite picture of the day!!!

And this is the neatest flower! Guess the name!

It starts with HYMEN...LOL!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

I missed you guys and my normal life!!! I worked 13 days straight :(

They worked me like a dog in Palm Springs and it was hella hot over there!!! They would have worked me more, but I drew the cut off time at 9:30PM. Which by that time I had been working since 7:30AM. One day it was the hottest place in the country, where it reached 112 degrees!

Two days I had to drive down for class and then make the 130 miles drive back up. It was brutal!

However, for this payperiod I clocked in like 68 regular hours, 18 overtime and 16 double time/overtime. Big paycheck here I come!!! YIPPEE!!!

I left work early on the Thursday because I was dead tired and could barely keep my eyes open and Friday I had the day off!

I went with Jay and Jayla to Huntington Library. It's BEAUTIFUL there!!! More on that tomorrow with details on my surprise, too!

Saturday was RACE DAY!!!

Mind you I was exhausted, so wasn't at my peak performance, nonetheless, I finished the race!!! Luckily, I had my two older sisters to help me stayed focus, motivated and keep my pace. It was a long 13.1 miles through Camp Pendleton's hills and mountains. The first part of the race had about three hills and was mostly down hills, the second half had like 4 hills and was all UP HILL! OUCH! What is up with me and picking runs with a lot of hills in them???

We ran for like 10 miles straight and then had to run/jog/walk two miles and then ran the last one.

What really got me was when my sis started talking about a dream she had with my Dad. Then, both sisters started talking about him, memories and their favorite stuff to do with him. All of a sudden, I could just smell him and I started to cry. I put my head down and tried to not let anyone notice. Of course they did after awhile, plus I had to stop because it felt like someone just punched me in my solar plexus... I guess moments like this will continue to happen forever!

So here are the race results....

Total Time: 2:47:35

Race Pace: 12.48

Women Division (age 25-29) placing: 29th

Overall: 737th

Friday, September 7, 2007

Travel to Palm Springs

I'm gonna roast in Palm Spring this week. Not for pleasure, but for work. I doubt I will have time to goof off or vent online, so until next week...


Just for laughs

The pinata cracks me up!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The RIGHT motivational factor

Yesterday, I was texting Jay and he asked if I was in class. Of course, I was!!! He said that I need to be good and pay attention and I was going to be punished for being a bad girl. I thought, YIPPEE! "punished" had always been a good thing. He burst my bubble quickly and informed me that I was on the "no dick diet" until my academic behaviors changed. :(

I quickly put my phone away and was actually afraid to pick up up until after I left campus.

Fortunately, I got out of that "punishment" with good ol' begging and seduction!
*wiping eyebrow*

... oh, I also had to promise to be good lil student, so no texting in class.

(Girls Team: Up by 1 point)

Today, while at work Jay text me that he was having trouble getting started on homework. See I could have used the punishment treatment on him, but thought the "reward system" would work better instead. If he got knee deep in it, like he planned, and finished, then I will put on a cute lil number for him later. Needless to say, he is working on his marketing plan RIGHT NOW!

(Girls Team: Up by 2 points!)

Hmmmm... now what to wear?