Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The RIGHT motivational factor

Yesterday, I was texting Jay and he asked if I was in class. Of course, I was!!! He said that I need to be good and pay attention and I was going to be punished for being a bad girl. I thought, YIPPEE! "punished" had always been a good thing. He burst my bubble quickly and informed me that I was on the "no dick diet" until my academic behaviors changed. :(

I quickly put my phone away and was actually afraid to pick up up until after I left campus.

Fortunately, I got out of that "punishment" with good ol' begging and seduction!
*wiping eyebrow*

... oh, I also had to promise to be good lil student, so no texting in class.

(Girls Team: Up by 1 point)

Today, while at work Jay text me that he was having trouble getting started on homework. See I could have used the punishment treatment on him, but thought the "reward system" would work better instead. If he got knee deep in it, like he planned, and finished, then I will put on a cute lil number for him later. Needless to say, he is working on his marketing plan RIGHT NOW!

(Girls Team: Up by 2 points!)

Hmmmm... now what to wear?


Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion...wear NOTHING!!!

Jane Doe said...

Good suggestion! That is exactly what I did... well, kindda. I had to make it from my house to his, so I had a long black coat. Under was me in my birthday suit, my F-me boots and some lil acessories. It was cute... he was speechless!

Anonymous said...

he better have gotten an A+ on that project.

Are you guys "dating" now?

Jane Doe said...

I think you could call it that... in the last 3 weeks (dang, yesterday was 3 weeks!), we have seen eachother everyday except for 2 of them.

James said...

That was more than cute, that was HOT!