Monday, September 17, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

I missed you guys and my normal life!!! I worked 13 days straight :(

They worked me like a dog in Palm Springs and it was hella hot over there!!! They would have worked me more, but I drew the cut off time at 9:30PM. Which by that time I had been working since 7:30AM. One day it was the hottest place in the country, where it reached 112 degrees!

Two days I had to drive down for class and then make the 130 miles drive back up. It was brutal!

However, for this payperiod I clocked in like 68 regular hours, 18 overtime and 16 double time/overtime. Big paycheck here I come!!! YIPPEE!!!

I left work early on the Thursday because I was dead tired and could barely keep my eyes open and Friday I had the day off!

I went with Jay and Jayla to Huntington Library. It's BEAUTIFUL there!!! More on that tomorrow with details on my surprise, too!

Saturday was RACE DAY!!!

Mind you I was exhausted, so wasn't at my peak performance, nonetheless, I finished the race!!! Luckily, I had my two older sisters to help me stayed focus, motivated and keep my pace. It was a long 13.1 miles through Camp Pendleton's hills and mountains. The first part of the race had about three hills and was mostly down hills, the second half had like 4 hills and was all UP HILL! OUCH! What is up with me and picking runs with a lot of hills in them???

We ran for like 10 miles straight and then had to run/jog/walk two miles and then ran the last one.

What really got me was when my sis started talking about a dream she had with my Dad. Then, both sisters started talking about him, memories and their favorite stuff to do with him. All of a sudden, I could just smell him and I started to cry. I put my head down and tried to not let anyone notice. Of course they did after awhile, plus I had to stop because it felt like someone just punched me in my solar plexus... I guess moments like this will continue to happen forever!

So here are the race results....

Total Time: 2:47:35

Race Pace: 12.48

Women Division (age 25-29) placing: 29th

Overall: 737th


Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you worked so much then finished a race too!! High-five for big paychecks!!

Congrats on the race--you're my hero! I can barely make it 30 min on the treadmill.

Jane Doe said...

Thank you VERY much!!! It was a little brutal, but you are right I DID it! WAHOOO!

Wow...I'm your hero? NICE!

Anonymous said...

You DROVE to class and back to Palm Springs TWICE? I am SO FRIGGIN IMPRESSED.

Now that you did a half, that measly li'l 5K-er we have coming up next month should be NUTHIN'.

Jane Doe said...

I did! The teacher was giving the first essay assignment and going over his preference and HIGHLY recommended I come on Wed, so I did Monday , too! Who would've thought that lil miss ditch a lot, would drive so many miles for class.

The boot camp challenge will be a lot of fun. Can wait to do it with you and Mr. W!!!