Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday too ME!!

Saw this saved as a draft and can't believe I never came back and finished this post. HELLO... it's almost a year later, but naturally I will change the date to this post to reflect the actual time this event took place. For the big 3-0, Jay took me to on a road trip to central Cali. We stayed at a hotel I have been wanting to stay at for a very long time -- the Madonna Inn. Jay had planned out the entire weekend. He picked out which the room we stayed in and scheduled a couples massage when we got there. Each room is different and he picked one with a fireplace. It was outside and we had a private patio to enjoy it.

We just arrived and he's a little camera shy.

The places is so beautiful!
It was really a magical weekend. We enjoyed some local Thai food for dinner and some of the award winning desserts from the hotel's bakery. What a perfect romantic get-a-way!