Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Family blues

Yesterday, I received a call from my Mom letting me know that my aunt Lili's son was stabbed and he is in the hospital. When I was younger I visited my cousin and his family a lot, so I was surprised when my Mom said, "David was stabbed... do you know David???" Of course, I do! We used to go to their house specifically becasue the had two playgrounds!!!! How could I forget? It was kid heaven! Maybe it was because she was stressed, but I found it a little amusing that she would think I would forget him or didn't know him for that matter.

It all went down on Sunday when my cousin was at a party and his friend and some person (not in their group) got into an argument. My cousin doesn't speak Spanish so didn't know what the two guys were arguing about. Moments later the guy returns with a group ofhis friend and my cousin gets stabbed in the stomach during a fight. He was rushed to the hospital and admitted for immediate surgery. Yesterday when I called he was in and out of consciousness, but stable. He will need to remain in the hospital for 5 days. He was lucky! The knife pierced through a main artry and he was close to death.

Moments like this I don't know the protocol. Do I visit while he is in the hospital? I remember being in the hospital many times and I was so out of it, I didn't get to enjoy the company or recongnize that people even came. Maybe I need to be there for my aunt, or shoudl I just stop by her house when he gets released?


Anonymous said...

When my parents told me my (step)grandfather had died, they started with, "Remember grandpa?" I was just there last summer, of course I remember grandpa!

Why don't you show up in the hospital unobtrusively, and quietly leave behind a card? That way he'll know you were there, but you don't have to wait and hope he's conscious enough to enjoy your company. And then visit again when he's recuperating at home.

Jane Doe said...

Good point! I think MV hospital is near my work, maybe I will stop by during lunch!