Sunday, December 30, 2007


I just got of the phone with my sis from SLO. I want to cry, but no tears will come out. I want to run in my room and wake Jay up and be comforted, but that won't make everything better. I did sneak in and cuddle for a little bit and came out cuz I can't sleep.

My sis had a miscarriage. Her heart is broken! Lil baby Henry didn't make it last time and she was about 6 months along. This time my lil niece or nephew was here for 2 months. The hospital told her that 50% of women have them in the first trimester. My sister was super careful, but I guess it was just a short visit for my lil family member that is now if heaven.

It was cute I told my sister I could drive up and be with her for New Years and she said it was alright but minutes after we hung up she called me back and asked me to come up for the weekend and she said jokingly that she wouldn't mind if I stopped by Solvang (a little Dutch community) on the way up and pick up some danish. I just might!


Anonymous said...

I hope the doctors figure out soon how to help the little tykes stick around full-term.
If you drive up, have a safe trip. Look out for drunk drivers. We need as many of you around as possible!

Oh yeah. My mom asked about you last nite. And she asked if they can take you out to dinner when we all get together.

Anonymous said...

When I said "We need as many of you around as possible," I meant members of Kitty Kat's family. Not drunk drivers.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry...

Vanessa said...

Cindy - The first one passed away because my sis had a mutated gene that causes blood clots and one formed in the embilocord. This time my sis was taking medication for the blood clotting, so it was just not meant to be, I guess. I hop ethe next time around the little tyke hangs on.

I just emailed you with two dates/weekends to meet the parents. Let me know if those days work :)

Flat Coke - Me too! It's so sad to hear them. I hope they pull through this toigether and have a big family in the future.