Wednesday, January 2, 2008

B-day wishes... and gossip!

Today is my lil sis', Jessy, birthday!

Happy Birthday lil sis!!!

Tonight we are going over to my older sis' house for a family dinner! And cake of course!!! I baked it last night.

And yesterday I got a call from my niece. I thought she was going to tell me how she went to the Block (shopping mall) in Orange to meet up with her ex and got caught by her mom ( my sis called me on the way there and the next day to tell me what my niece was up to), but nope she completely ignored that story and told me that my mom was on the phone with a GUY!!! AND... yes there is more... she has a date @ 5pm! Holy Moly! Since me father and her had divorce my mom had one serious boyfriend a LONG time ago and went on one date in the last year or so. Like 4 days ago my mom had talked about her wants for a husband in her life. I told her to slow down cowgirl and to wish to "get to know" people and not jump straight to marriage. It been something like 20+ years since she has been. When my niece passed the phone to my mom she couldn't stop giggling for like a minute straight! It's cute to see my mom all flustered!

She called me after her date. Jay and I were in the movies watching National Treasure, which is really good. I hadn't seen the first and wasn't lost at all. Back to the dating stuff... I called her afterwards and she said it was short and sweet. They met up at Barnes and Nobel and had coffee. When asked about his looks she said "he's cute for a 50 year old!" Not sure what that means but makes me think he is not the hottest thing that walked this earth. lol. Conversation went well. He is tall, grayish black hair, Latino, business owner and in fashion design. Cool! He walked her to her car and told her he will call her soon.

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