Monday, January 21, 2008

Banging party(s) weekend!

My head is spending from all the events of this weekend! I totally forgot that we are having a potluck lunch today because of all the festivities. Let me start off with Saturday's big day. It was my Jessy's wedding shower. 30 people came and since it was only my second time throwing a party, I was a lil nervous.

Friday night Jessica and I had dinner, went shopping for appetizers, helium tank and little extras from the party store. We got back to her place, made the center pieces, backed the cake (and yes the first one was left in too long and burnt, haha) and got stuff ready for the next day's events. I got home a little before 2AM and was up at 6AM to run some errands and make it make to her house for decorating and my job as hostees. The weather was beautiful! Sunny and a light breeze.

High lights from the party -

1. I have 3 wonderful sisters and a niece who helped out a lot to put up decoration, help clean up, and have everything run smoothly! Even two brother-in-laws (one which is the groom) who helped with blowing up balloons, take out trash and set up the drinks, cooler and ice.
2. Games - There was one were we split everyone into group and they had 3 minutes to make the best wedding dress out of TP. Then, they modelled had to walk down the imaginary run way for the Bride-to-be, The one all the way to the right won.
Another favorite game was a scenario one where the bride is on her honeymoon and the groom tells her they have dinner reservation and she only has 2 minute to get ready... then the light go out. This is where we put the blind fold on her. The guest can't tell her what the item is, but can yell out helpful hints on where it goes and direction on putting it on. Doesn't she look smashing!!!!

3. Food - We had Chinese food.. one of my sister's favorite and the cake was the best part. Love the topper!

The groom even stopped by for a guest appearance. He wanted to say "hi!" to his family!

The party was a huge hit. Everyone had sooo much fun and my sister got great gifts, quality time with family and friends, plus, we all bonded and will know each other at the wedding.

Sunday was a busy day. Off to a baptism for Jay's co-worker's son. When Jay and I got to the party we were starving and pretty much didn't leave the food area. They had some yummy chicken!

Afterwards, off we were to Dave & Busters for my good friends b-day! He's turning the big 38!!!

Here he is posing with his girlfriend!

Here we all are posing for a group picture and think just take the darn picture so we can enjoy Persian tiramisui cake. Yumm!


Anonymous said...

This post revolved a LOT around food--yummy!!! Glad you had a good weekend.

Jane Doe said...

Yup this weekend was filled with food! I think I OD'd a little, too much! But all the celebration was sooo much fun!

Anonymous said...

I had so much fun and everything went perfect! Again thank you! How does persian cake taste like? u went to sleep after 2am and woke up at 6am on Sat? DANG!! Crazy! Love you and I am so thnakful for all the love that you give me! Your my best friend ever! Thanks my maid of honor! :)

Jane Doe said...

You're welcome sweetpea! Yup, I didn't leave your house until 1:15-1:30ish... so by the time I got home it was 2 in the morning! It was all worth it tho. I am sooo happy everyone had a good time and especailly YOU! And thank you for picking me to be your maid-of-honor. Means a lot! :)

Jane Doe said...

Oh and persian version of tiramisu is ok, just a little dry.