Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Central CA, Vegas and back home!

Happy Hello fro Vegas (I started writing this yesterday, but now back in Cali)! I am working at a convention since Sunday and basically am babysitting a conference room, freshen up after every meeting, ordering food and cleaning up afterward the day is done. It has been work, work, work, until last night where my boss treated me to a show. Only Zoomania (or something like that) from Circus Solei was showing and since it was "risque" I thought I would pass since I was with co-workers. We all voted and the Improv won. It was a funny show with lots of laughs!

Yesterday I got home and practically wanted to kiss the ground because I missed home SO much! I had been away since Friday! I went up after to work to visit my sister. Jessica and I carpooled and stayed until Sunday morning. Saturday my sis wanted to walk on the beach so we headed over to the dunes and was about 3/4 of a mile out when it started to our rain. I lead the pack running back to the cars. Two of us were just getting over a chest cold and my sis who just had the miscarriage was not supposed to be running, but we did it any way. Since I was up visiting my sis I missed the marathon. I guess it was meant to be cuz my oldest sister who was supposed to run with me was just recovering from being ill. Plus, family comes first!!! There will be many more marathons to run.

Sunday my flight left, so I was home for a few hours to unpack and pack again and off to the airport I went. Of course, I stopped by Jay's work to say bye! I missed him so much!!! I hadn't seen him for 3 days and was about to be away from him for an additional 5 days! :(

That's the latest over here! I start school Monday and remember those goals I wrote about 6 months ago, well... I am going to review them tomorrow and edit them, make new ones and delete some of the old one. I'm off to break a sweat at the gym.

Oh and did I mention... IT'S GREAT TO BE HOME!!!


Anonymous said...

I would have been VERY embarassed to see Zumanity with co-workers. Mr. Wonderful took me to see it Nov 2006 in Vegas, when I met Cindy. It was VERY adult NC-17 if not X rated. Go back with Jay--you'll want to make out the entire time!! ha

Glad you're home--good luck with school, you're gonna do great!

Vanessa said...

Thanks for your faith in me and school! I hope I do well! Tonight is trig and it's the same teacher I had last semester, so that is a plus!