Monday, December 17, 2007

Downward spiral

So... the last three weeks have been hellish! Work has been extremely demanding and I can't find time to breath or it seems since I haven't passed out from lack of oxygen. My bosses have been in terrible moods and since I work in Sales everyone is trying to make numbers and are stressed out. It seems to trickle down to me where I am a sound board or a punching bag. To make matters worst I have the period from hell, too! It was extremely painful, but light. I don't get mother nature sometimes! Then, there was finals! So I have been all stressed out and no time to blog about it. Oh and my Father's estate stuff, but looks like that might wrap up in April.

English final was last Wed. and it was a in-class essay about two murders and I am a judge an have to let one go free and one stay in jail. I think I did well on that one.

In math I got a little scared. Honestly, I hadn't put much effort. The teacher was super cool and class attendance was optional and so was the homework, so you give those options to people and the average person (ME!) and you will notice that the average person will not come to class very often and will not do the homework. And honestly... I was borderline in the class. *shaking head* I know, it's terrible. THEN, I found out that math lab hours are mandatory even though they do not effect your grade because the Dean can drop you if you don't have them completed. Total math hours needed was 800 minutes! Two weeks before the final and I barely find this out and only have 200+. Ah! Time to start clocking in some math lab hours. Saturday I went in for 5 hours. Luckily, Monday my English teacher gave us the day off to study for finals, so I went into the math lab and logged another 2 hours and 45 minutes. Tuesday I called in sick and logged in 6 hours! My lab hours were complete and I did most of the homeworks for my math class, too. That evening the teacher went over grades, the final and extra credit. If you do homework you can get 1-3 extra credit point and wahoooo I GOT ALL 3! I calculated what I needed on the final to pass the class and came in on Thursday with a can do attitude. Even though that morning told me something might go wrong! I was a zombie and when I took out the trash in the morning I walked back to my house and realized I locked the door! This would be the second time in 3 days that I did this. Good thing I didn't lock a window and could crawl through it. After the final I stayed around to see my grade and sadly I was 2 points away from what I had calculated to pass the class. I walked home in tears. I was so upset at myself and the situation I put myself in! I got home and added the number again and I need 224 point to pass and guess what?? I had some how calculated what I needed incorrectly and all my point combined equaled 224! I PASSED! YIPPEE! I PASSED! Kindda ironic how I would calculate wrong for a math class, but either way I passed!

Things are better now. I have one more final to go. Went to my sisters flamenco recital on Friday with the fam. It was a wonderful show and my sister had two new costumes from Spain!

Sunday I did a 3K with my niece, and younger sis, Jess, and oldest sis. It was GREAT! We did well and it was Jess and my niece's first 3K and they ROCKED!

This coming up Saturday I am looking forward to my family's Christmas... we are feeding the homeless and NO GIFT EXCHANGE! NICE! Also, Jay and I also decided not to exchange gifts, so the stress of gift buying is wiped away this year. I did buy, of course, for the kids -- my two nieces and Jayla -- and for my mom. So that's the latest!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you passed your math class!!! I'm also glad you left a window unlocked!!

Merry Christmas.

Vanessa said...

Thanks so much! And me too! Can you imagine if I hadn't. I would have had to walk to a pay phone (if they still have those) and ick... I don't have ANY number's memorized. Not sure what I would have done. I guess I could have walked to my sis' house.

Merry Christmas, to you and Bat, too!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a math moron, so how many miles is a 3K?

Nothing like a scary whirlwind few days to make you REALLY appreciate when things go quiet and well, huh?

Jane Doe said...

A 3K is 3.1 miles.

Tell me about it. I am so glad that these have calm down and are less hectic. Now I am just recovering from my cold and loving not having school in the evenings. :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't a 3.1 mile run a 5K?