Friday, November 16, 2007

Human Apple

This past Sunday the fam got together to celebrate my two older sister's b-day. The oldest wanted to wait for the 2nd oldest to be in town to celebrate. We watched Georgia Rules and ate veggie burgers and sweet potato fries. YUM! Before that we headed to the Brea Mall in search for our bridesmaids dress.

First stop was Windsors. I am a huge fan of the store, but it seems that everything on the mannequins looked great on them and not on me. My niece and I spotted this cool looking dress. When we put it on we looked like big apples! Look how short it is! And both of ours didn't zip up in the back.

We went to JCPenny and found the ONE! They had enough sizes for the entire bridal party and were on sale. My sister's wedding colors are gold and red, so naturally we went with a red dress vs. a gold one.

I liked one that was a dark red almost purple, but majority rules. Now I have to make an appt to get an updo. I feel like it is prom all over again.


Anonymous said...

Aw!!! You look so pretty! I did like the other one too but I like that the red ones had a shash :) Love ya and you are gonna look so pretty that day!

Jane Doe said...

Thank you! Not very often do we all go as a family shopping, so it was cool to go and find the perfect dress. Can't wait until that great day!

Love you!!!