Thursday, November 8, 2007

Today is my Friday

I'm a Monday thru Friday working girl and tomorrow I am taking the day off! So today is like my Friday and I am wrapping up a lot of stuff to let tomorrow run as smoothly as possible.

Where am I going you ask? I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND! My friend works there and can let two family members/friends in for free each day. So you know who is going with me, right? JAY and lil Ms. Jayla! I believe there is no cost for Jayla because she is not even 2 yet, but I should check. It will be their first time there. I take it for granted that I lived near it my whole life and visited whenever I wanted. When I hear that someone has not been to the happiest place on earth, it's so shocking.


Anonymous said...

It's their FIRST TIME EVAH?! Whoa!! You have to come back and describe the look in Jayla's eyes when she sees all the pretty dancing lights and characters!! Oh yeah, and the happy look in your man's eyes, too.

Jane Doe said...

Yup, the very first time EVER! I can't believe it! Jayla was loving every moment of it... except the characters were a little much for her and being stuck in a stroller. We went to Tom Sawyer Island to let her run around a little bit and she was all over the island!

Anonymous said...

haha, even picturing that is cute.