Monday, November 5, 2007

Operation upchuck

Friday, I was SO proud of myself! I made it to the gym during lunch and ran 2.5 miles between setting 6-7 (10 - 8:43 minute mile ). I got off the treadmill early so I could do some extra stretching since I hadn't ran in awhile and since I have a 11 mile run through MOUNTAINS, I thought I would do some injury prevention.

Later on in the day I started to feel sick to my stomach and was feeling cold chills run through me. Soon I felt like I was going to pass out. I made it to the restroom and put water on my face and got a cold drink. Right when I made it make to my desk I felt the urge to make another restroom visit, this time it was to commence operation upchuck! Funny, how when that happens EVERYONE assumes you are pregnant! But I am not. I take the pill religiously at 9PM. Anywho, I thought I had over did it on the run and maybe my stomach was upset. Then I threw up for a SECOND time. I started to analysis all I had eaten that day and the thought of food poisoning ran through my head. Maybe the cream cheese that was sitting outside for an hour before I put it on my Friday bagel was the culprit. Or maybe it was the sandwich meat in my sandwich that was out of the fridge when i drove to Jay's and then drove to work the next day. Then I puked for a THIRD time... WTH? The minute my boss left, I was out the door to Jay's. Right before I left I had a Sprite and Cheez-its to settle my system. My focus was wearing thin and I thought to myself how was I going to make it to Jay's and thank goodness I wasn't driving home, cuz that's a lot further. I should have NEVER ate the Cheez-Its and drank the Sprite! I'll spare you the details, but it's gnarly coming out and suck when a bunch of high schoolers are looking at you upchuck. I went to Jay's ans Slept Friday night and Saturday. Jay was a sweetheart and took care of me. Made sure I had a bucket my the bed, which came in handy during upchuck # 5. I don't see how I would ever have made it downstairs in time. He got me saltine crackers, soup, Ginger Ale and Sprite.

I missed the math lab Saturday that I needed to go to to study for my math midterm and missed turning in homework Friday night for my online class. Oh well... that's life! I slept pretty much all of Sunday too, which I was supposed to come into work and work on a project. I finished the project today, tho!

This morning at 3:00 AM I woke up to Jay puking. Poor guy! I got him sick! He went to work for 6 hours and got someone to cover for him and now is resting at my house.

I'm feeling better and now he is not!


Anonymous said...

Oh good Lord! You poor people! It sounds like a 2-day stomach flu bug so I hope Jay's feeling better already. Good thing you two have each other in your times of need, and that your times of need aren't happening simultaneously. :)

Let me know if you need anything.

Jane Doe said...

Thanks Cindy! I am feeling a lot better and now and 100% It took me 3-4 days, and Jay was only 24 hours. I need to strengthen my immune system to be more like his. The guy who came in to cover for Jay got sick that night and called in the next day.

Anonymous said...

Man, you guys are super contagious!

Vanessa said...

I felt bad because when I saw Jayla on Friday I could touch her and didn't want to be around her cuz throwing up as a kid SUCKS! Out of all of us, I am the one that took the longest to recover. I really need my immune system to get stronger. However, had this been my younger years, I would have ended up in the hospital. I was in there all the time it seems.