Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another bun in the oven

NOT my oven, of course, but my older sister Karla. Congrat BIG SIS!

She has been wanting to be a mom for so long. Her first pregnancy was not successful and Baby Henry passed away in her tummy. She has a blood clotting factor that she was not aware of and a blood clot had formed in the umbilicord. This time around she is aware of it and will have to give herself injections or take some kind of medication every day.

She had called me last night, but I was already asleep on top of books at my dinner table. Late night studying.

I called her back because her VM said it was VERY important and then I got her VM. I received an email from my sisters saying that it is a special day because we are going to be aunt, so I piece the puzzle together.



Anonymous said...

Dear Auntie,

How cute! And I also think it's cute that you were asleep on your books. Drool mark wrinkles on the pages?

Jane Doe said...

Nope no drool marks but a sleepy head the next day. It was a 6 page research paper and of course I waited until the VERY last minute to turn it in.