Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nothing is gonna hold me down

I made it to the gym during lunch today. I've been good about going and if I don't go it for a good reason, not me just being lazy. I felt like there was a force trying cause me to have a crappy time at the gym today.
I went into the locker room and while getting ready realized that I didn't have a water bottle. I thought, no biggie there is water fountains and I could buy one if need be. I went on my 3 mile run. It was A LOT harder then last night's 3 mile run after class with Jay at my school's track.
After my run I realized I forgot deodorant, body lotion and sandals to wear in the shower. I couldn't skip the shower, so I decided I would use my workout towel on the floor of the shower and toss it when I was done. I could always go without body lotion for the rest of the day and could buy deodorant on the way back to work.
I headed to my usual shower and darn it! It was out of soap. *sigh*
So I headed to the one next to it AH! It was out of soap, as well! *double sigh*
I wobbled with my feet on the workout towel to the third shower and YAY, it had soap.
What a crazy turn of events in just 45 minutes! Leaving the gym I had that song that goes something like "ain't nothing gonna hold me down...oh-no... I got to keep on moving" and my day seemed brightened and just then I found deodorant in my car!


Anonymous said...

Now that song's in MY head! =P
"Ain't nobody gonna break my stride, nobody's gonna slow me down, oh no, I've got to keep on movin'..."

Vanessa said...

That's the song! I knew I was singing it wrong!

Anonymous said...

I learned it from watching Kids Incorporated in elementary school!