Friday, February 8, 2008

Heasrt castle with the fam

Jay and I made it up to my sister's house Friday night. Well, more like Saturday morning as we arrived at 1:30AM... but didn't get in until 1:45ish cuz my younger sister who made the trip up would not wake up! I must have called her like 15 times. Plus, we tapped onthe window and doored on the door. Finally, she openned the door for us. The next day her husband said he heard us but was waiting for her to wake up. WTH?

Anyhow, the next morning my sister Karla cooked breakfast for all of us. We had yummy egg whites with veggies, turkey bacon, toast, OJ and fresh made juice. It was a great meak and I thought it was nice that her hubby (who is a cheif) made our eggs to order. He had to make three separate ones. A few hours later the rest of the gang showed up and off we went to Hearst Castle. We got there and waited for our tour bus to take us up to the huge castle. Here's half the famil waiting for the bus, as well. There were 10 of us all together.

One of the first things you see is this beautiful entrance! Right across from it is a view of the ocean.

This is my oldest sister and her family. Her hubby couldn't make it cuz he had to work that night, but the rest did.

One of my favorite part is the out door pool! I want to work at Hearst Castle becasue once a year the employee and their families get to swim in the pool.

Here is a sculpted chimney. Sorry for the poor quailty of the photo, but no flash was allowed inside. I had just shown Jay a picture that I save with a similar design because I wanted to have something like it custom made for my future house. This reminds me of it.

I remember the first time I visited the Castle I saw this mosaic. Until then I had never known about them. Talk about shelter. Whenever I see this, it reminds me of that time. I love tapestries! The ones I fell in love with are some on eBay and were being shipped from the UK, so I never got them. Too bad because with the US$ being less the the Euro now, I should have made my move before. Oh well!

Being a swimmer, I couldn't wait to see this pool. If only I was famous and could pay for a personal tour and dip in the pool! *sigh* But I only get to view it from behind a gate for now. See all that yellow stuff? It's gold plated.


Anonymous said...

What cool pics--you look great!! The Hearst Castle looks beautiful, and yes if a perk of working there is getting to swim in that pool, where can I sent my application?

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that your photos look exactly like mine. Except for your peeps in them, that is. Haha. Jay's expression made me laugh.

Re employees swimming in the Neptune Pool -- *gasp* You mean that's not just a rumor?!

Vanessa said...

Flat Coke - Thanks! That makes me feel good cuz I feel like my cheeks look fuller (I am such a girl!!!). Yup, that's one of the perks. Maybe when I retire I can do that on the side.

Cindy - Jay is not into taking pictures so he will either hide or make a funny face in most pixs.

Yup, not a rumor.

Anonymous said...

Yo yo yo! This was alot of fun :) Sorry for not waking up on time :( I am a sleepy head :D Love ya!

Jane Doe said...

Jessy - It was sooo much fun! I am glad everyone got to go and made it safe up there and back. Now we all now what Karla goes through when she drives back and forth. Man, that is a drive!