Monday, February 18, 2008

Birthday and Wedding weekend

Friday night started off a very eventful weekend. I met up with lil sis and bride-to-be for our last wedding meeting and to get our nails done. It was so relaxing after the week I had to sit there and be pampered!!!! Afterwards, we went to her house to go over the rehearsal dinner and wedding's final details. I left around eleven with a to-do-list and action plan.

Next day I woke up early got ready and head down to San Diego for Jayla's birthday. The lil tike is a BIG 2 years old and was celebrating the day at Chucky Cheese. I played a lot of games and beat Eric in basketball. I ALMOST beat Jay, but at the last minute he scored two points. It was the first time I was going to meet Jayla's mother (Jay's ex). I have never been in this type of situation and felt a little in the spot light. I would catch people looking me up and down. I know that is natural to see who I am, how I look, how Jay and I act together and especially around Jayla and her mom, so I would just shoot them a quick smile and continue with what ever I was doing. There were some of her friends that were very welcoming and we would chit chat as Jay took Jayla to play in the wonderful land of Chucky Cheese and catch up with old friends. I think for being an awkward moment all three of us (Jay, Jayla's mom and I) handled ourselves very well!

Afterwards, I drove to my sister's house for the rehearsal dinner. We practiced all the important stuff, like were we would stand, etc. and watched a VERY cute movie that would play during the ceremony before we walked down. It was put together so wonderfully. It starts off with my sister and her hubby driving in the car and both of them reliving how they eloped, which was hilarious story, and then trailed of with some tear jerky music and photos of them. Since we would not get to see it, she showed us.

The next day was THE BIG DAY! Now, I must say... damn that Murphy's Law! I was trying to be a good maid of honor and get stuff that my sister said she would like for this day. One of those things was alcohol. I bought some wine coolers to have as the bridal party got ready and when I got home some of the bottles rolled out as I opended the car door, smashed on my foot and ground and broke. No glass flesh wounds, so I cleaned it up, changed and went on my merry way to get my hair done. After two and a half hours, many tears from me, and another stylist fixing my hair, I looked half decent! I had taken a photo on my phone of what it first looked like and had to erase it cuz it looked awful! Oh, and the lady tried to over charge me, probably because she realized I wasn't going to leave a tip. Yup, I will be calling the corporate office and complaining today.

Murphy's Law was in action again when I went to two stores afterwards for Patron One store was sold out and the other didn't sell it, so I decide it was a sign and headed off to the hotel were the ceremony was going to be held. Everything went smooth sailing from there. THANK GOD!

I was taking pictures with the brides camera most of the night, so I don't have that many on mine. But here on some highlights!

Here is the bride-to-be and I as we get ready.

Here Jay and I are at the alter. Doesn't my honey look so handsome??? I love that he got a tie to match my dress. I have like 4 inch heals, so normally I am not that tall.Here's my lovely mom with the ring bearer. Yup, Diego brought the rings down the aisle and sat through the ceremony, too. He is such a good dog!
I find it HILARIOUS that it soooo hard to get guys out on the dance floor for the tossing of the garter belt. Don’t Jay and Dennis look so eager to catch it?
Here is one of the few pictures I have on my camera on my sister. She looked so beautiful!

Here is my mommy and me. My height I got from my Dad, but my looks mainly from my Mom. Can you tell? We look so much alike!
Can you believe that Santa is 6 months pregnant in this picture? Oh I hope (if, I ever get pregnant, which hopefully I don't!) that I look that tiny when I have a lil being in me.

Here's my oldest sis with her doggie.

The rest of the night was so much fun! My lips, though, are shaking from smiling so much with all the pictures that were being taken. Oh, and I did my toast. My voice cracked a little and I almost cried, but held it together. Aw...but made the bride cry!

Out of the whole night, one of the neatest parts was to see my mom's sisters and her dancing the night away. Man, my family can dance!

Update: My Mom just sent me more pix... here they are


General Francis X. Hummel said...

WOW...the wedding was great. thats probably the 100th time you have heard me say that and yes you looked fabulous and did an excellent Job with the speech!!! that second pic my lips have a very shimmery gleam to them as if I had been bobbing for kentucky fried chicken...

General Francis X. Hummel said...

and how could I forget about Jayla's party....I was expecting some sort of estrogen/hormonal overload that ended with cake flying, jayla stuck in the playhouse, me in the hospital, and you and her mother in a police station sharing a cell. you guys did great

Jane Doe said...

Honey, I don't think your lips look shiny, but if you do it might be from my lip gloss. I was so nervous for that toast. Thank you for letting me practice in front of you beforehand.

You are too funny with how you thought the end of the birthday party might end. Haha!

Anonymous said...

I LIKE your hair! I think you looked beautiful. And Jay has the biggest smile ever.

Jay - Vanessa, despite her nickname on here, is NOT one of those catty women. You lucky guy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, with your new and recent wedding experience, do you think a wedding can be completed beginning (ceremony) to end (reception) in 4 hours?

Jane Doe said...

Cindy - Thanks!!! You should have seen my hair before they "fixed" it. There were no pieces of curls in the front, the top wastaller and the sides has volume. Then Iafter I asked for pieces in the front and to bring the hair volume down, the ladt curled pieces that were 4-5 times thicker then what you see.

I would recommend taking the bridal pictures before hand. Just the ones with you and your bridal party and famil and the groom with his groomens and family. That way after the ceremony you don't have to take so many picutures. My sister's was from 5-12, and by 8:30 we had had the ceremony, pictures, toast, and first dance and was done with dinner. I think it's doable to have a ceremony and dinner in 4 hours. Pictures is what takes the longest, tho!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh well, nothing I can do about the pictures. The grounds won't let us in early.

Anonymous said...

Aw! that wa sthe best night of my life! Thanks you so much for being a huge part of it! From the bridal show, shower, invites to the tear dropping speech! You were amazing! Thank you so much again!!! Love you!!!!

Jane Doe said...

Awww.... My lil sis and best friend... You are so welcome! I did it all from the bottom of my heart!