Monday, May 21, 2007

Go Figure!

See this beautiful, light, vaccum machine????

Of course, I would bump into this AFTER I just bought a later model. Look at the wonderful features:

Root Cyclone™ technology
Effortless steering
No extra costs
5 year warranty
Clean exhaust air
Quick-draw Telescope Reach™
Hygienic bin emptying
HEPA filter
Technical Specifications
For all floor types Brush ControlBrushbar turns off to protect rugs and delicate floors


Price includes shipping costs



Anonymous said...

Well you are just gonna have to get your moneys worth out of the one you bought. Vacuum naked or sing into the handle while whirling it around your place. Don't think about the money and what you could have saved. Enjoy!! VROOM VROOM!!

Anonymous said...

Is this a Fantom? I LOVE Fantom vacuums. Mine lasted almost 10 years, and if the rubber band didn't keep breaking I'd still be using it.

James said...

That's still a expensive vacuum! I have issues with spending 4x the amount of money on a vacuum better that doesn't perform 4x as much as a regular good vacuum. I picked up a eureka bagless vacuum and am fairly happy with it, except for the fact that the little filter clogs pretty quickly. Hmm, this reminds,me, I need to vacuum.

Jane Doe said...

Flat Coke - You are right! And I love vaccuming naked! Not sure what about's not like anyone is looking. Haha!

Cindy - I am not sure. I didn't see anything about Fantom, just a model #. But it does look lighter and a lot smaller. U should get it and I will live through you.

James -'s a Dyson! I guess you just don't understand! :) It must be a girl thing.