Friday, May 4, 2007

Sweating Tequila

I want to crawl back into my cozy bed and get more z’s. My eyes are heavy and the yawns keep coming, but the lack of sleep was well worth it!

I went out to Off Campus last night with Santá, Jason, Carmen, Charlotte, Dennis, Gary and Nick. We were going to try a new joint called Revolution in downtown Fullerton, but at 10:00ish there were about 5 people in there, so we went to Off Campus instead.

In total, I had 5 (I think) Patron shots and one B-52 shot. I was feeling buzzed (yes, ONLY buzzed) for like an hour and then it wore off. It’s funny how dancing makes the alcohol effects disappear. I should have been wasted with that much alcohol.

I was wearing my friend’s shoes and they have about 3.5” – 4” heel on them and today they are swollen and are all tingly. This is probably how pregnant women feel! OUCH!

Highlight of the night, I was at the bar with Santá and a guy handed me a $20. I didn’t have a $20 on me so I am not sure if he was offering to buy me a drink or thought I dropped it, either way I am $20 richer!

Blooper for the night, all the horn balls groping & following me hopes to dance and probably more.

And a bitter-sweet ending to the night… I came home and roommie was already asleep. This is probably the last night that he would be sleeping in our apartment because he was approved for in an apartment in Anaheim and his dad let him borrow his truck so that he could move his stuff to his new place.

Thinking about it, Maxwell was probably picking up on the stress of his Daddy moving out and that why he started throwing up. Animals pick up on those things, ya know? I know roommie and I have had our fair share of drama, but I am going to miss him! It sucks that my best friend is in the same body as my ex-fiancé.

Roommie woke up (or maybe I woke him up! Tee Hee) and as Flat Coke once put it uhmm… we played hide the sausage one last time! It was GREAT! I didn’t get to bed until 5ish and so when my buzzer went off the morning I snoozed for 50 minutes! YIKES! I woke up in such a panic; I over slept in a major way. I made it to work a little late. I guess I will be staying a little late to make up for the time! TGIF!


Anonymous said...

Hide the sausage. WHOO HOO!! My favorite game!! It's always worth a little loss of sleep.

Ano the Blogger said...

Hey Kat,

Oh I know the off campus pub! It's right down the street. I drive by it all the time. I'm trying to figure out what else to comment but i think i already told you everything in chat!!

Whine Girl said...

I'm trying to think .... what else can I possibly add to this?

So anyway, about the sausage. It's about time I hide some.

Jane Doe said...

Flat Coke - I had to cash in on it one last time!!! And SO was worth the lost of sleep!

Ano - Have you ever been to Off Campus? If ya ever want to go, we go every Thursday...well that has been the case the last two or three thursdays. :)

Jordan - You could always buy one and play hide and go seek! :) I just got a new one this past Sunday. Will post about it soon! Tee Hee! And too bad you don't live out here, we could go out and find you a live one! Those are so much more fun then the plastic ones!