Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hearing them live!

See these handsome men??? Do they look familiar??

If not, let me educate you a little on them... they are Boyz II Men AND I am going to see them in concert at the House of Blues in Anaheim!!!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know they were still together. I remember them well. Loved how they could harmonize!! Have fun & let us know all about it.

James said...

Wow they didn't break or one of them didn't die? Amazing after all these years!

Ano the Blogger said...

Very cool! I'm sure you will enjoy it!

I love going to music concerts. We just listened to a nice Funk Band last night at Neumos. I cant believe we didnt get back until around 12:30. And we had to wake up early for the conference the next day! Oh well!

Tonight we got to go to "The Garage" play pool and listen to a live Jazz band.

Unlimited drinks and food both nights! It was great :D

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Aren't there supposed to be 4 of them?

Mmmmm, dedededum, dedum
Mmmmm, dadadadum, dadum
Mmmmm, from the very first time that I saw your brown eyes
Ooooh, your lips said hello, and I said hi
I knew right then you were the one...

I was OBSESSED with their music. They DEFINED r&b for me. Well, them and Babyface.

Jane Doe said...

I bought the CD yesterday during lunch and the memories rushed back. There are points wehere I got all teary eyed.