Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Stepping up my game!

Friday I went to visit Jason and his beautiful daughter, Jayla, in San Clemente.

(This is Jayla! The happiest kid I have ever met!!!)
We visited the outlets in Carlsbad. I bought Guess jeans, a few stunner shades, Puma bag, Puma jacket, Kenneth Cole watch and a bunch of other goodies. Then we headed off to Jay’s to cook Chicken Parmesan. Jay made a comment last week that I need to step up my game in the kitchen so Santa and Jay are taking me under their wing and teaching me the ropes of cooking. We made a delicious meal and Santa joined us around midnight for a bite to eat and to watch our favorite childhood cartoon, HE-MAN!

Saturday morning I went TV shopping with James! I purchased this beautiful 52” Samsung TV. VERY, VERY NICE!

Afterward I had 3 hours of martial arts training and oh my… I can’t remember what else I did that night! Cindy thinks alcohol must have been involved then. Hahaha!

I was just chatting with the gang and I think this is the night we all did our own thing and I went to bed at 11PM. That is the earliest I have gone to bed in forever! I feel old!

Sunday I had my third session with my gym personal trainer...and I am a little worried about her. Her workouts are great, but she recommended that I don’t drink cuz of all the calories and try “toking” instead cuz it's calorie-free or try “coke” cuz it’s calorie free and will help with weight lost, too! Is she for real? Oh my goodness!

After that, I went with Sensei T and did 2 more hours of marital arts and I took it easy the rest of the day, just doing laundry and such.

Afterwards I hung out with Jay and Jayla and went to see Shrek the Third…It was hilarious! I love the Shrek movies. My favorite part is when Puss is in Donkey’s body and tries to give “Puss eyes” at the soldiers….and another favorite part is when Gingerbread cookie has swords aimed towards him and he craps a gum gum drop

Monday I had the day off! YIPPEE! I went for a dip in the pool and sunbathed for a little bit. Then hung out with my little sis, my niece, Jahnice, and Priscilla and watched ATL the movie. It was cool to hang out with my girls! I went to my sister’s boot camp work out and then head off to Dennis to eat the dinner Santa and I prepared earlier – asparagus, rice and spinach stuffed chicken. YUMMY!


Anonymous said...

Girl, your lifestyle is too rich for my blood. I'll just go over and watch your TV, eat your food and borrow your clothes. :)

Ano the Blogger said...

I have to say *I'M* jealous that you have that TV :D. That is really one of the coolest / newest sets out there.

And I thought I had a good life :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. And it's 56", not 52". She remembered it wrong. *watching James turn green*

Jane Doe said...

Cindy - I went to the Outlet tho....so it's not that expense! For example, I bought $169 pair of Guess shades for ONLY $39.99. :) Plus, you are a skinny mini, so you will swim in my clothes. But you are ALWAYS welcome to come over and watch TV! :)

James - You are jealous??? You helped pick it out! Might as well go get the 60" or better yet that 70"

Ano the Blogger said...

Hahah, you know my boss just came in and he said he bought a new TV? He bought the 60" version of the sony one that we saw there. Very nice!

Everyones getting new tvs!!! *sniff*

Jane Doe said...

See...another koinkidink!

It's not like you can't buy a TV! You are just waiting until you buy your house! No worries...soon you will a new TV in your NEW HOME!