Tuesday, May 22, 2007

On behalf of TurboTiger - Part Two

TurboTiger’s Secret Blog
Part 2

So the rest of the weekday went as such. The ex-gf doesn’t have a driver’s license, can’t drive, and I live out in the boonies. Getting around is gonna be a bit tough without a car. There is a bus a block away, where it goes, I don’t know. But there is a caltrains station on the way to the freeway, about a 5 minute drive, but a 30 minute walk. So in the morning I drove her to the caltrains station so shae can visit SF by herself, while I go to work. The first day she went to SF, she gave me a call and told me she missed the train back, and the next one won’t be there for over an hour, which means she’ll be at the Belmont caltrains station at close to midnight. So I tell her to take the BART down to the Millbrae station instead since it runs a lot more often, and I’ll go pick her up. I had considered myself lucky since it gave me time to hit the gym after work, and I won’t be compelled to spend all my free time with her.

She had said she wanted to go visit Hearst Castle so before she came I made reservations for a night tour of Hearst Castle, and motel reservations at Pismo Beach. Nothing glamorous, just a room at Motel 6, since that was the only place that had room that was also decently priced. The night tour of Hearst Castle is quite unique, the tour is done during the evening, with people walking around in period costume. They’re just sitting down, hanging around, playing cards, or monopoly. It was quite cool, as it was my second time at hearst castle. Unfortuantely by the time we got to Pismo Beach, it was pretty late and none of the good restaraunts were open, so I had to settle for marie calendar’s. Too bad because I was hoping to get some good seafood. Then back to the motel room for more noodle sex.

The next day we went to Splash Café, world famous for their clam chowder. Last time I was at Pismo Beach was during the Fourth of July, and the line out the door was about 50 people deep. Needless to say I didn’t wait in that line for a cup of clam chowder, but this time the line was about 10 people deep. I ordered the clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. The bread top was buttered and toasted and made a world of difference. Yummy! I also ordered the friend calamari and fries, but that really sucked. They were cold and chewy. Unfortunately the weather at Pismo Beach was cold and windy, with strong winds that blew sand in your face. We strolled around a little bit then went back home.

Stupid Acts
Actually there were many stupid acts that annoyed me, but I only remember the ones that really pissed me off. On our way down to Hearst Castle, we stopped off at Carl’s Jr. Yah, fast food, but we were on the road and needed something quick to eat. Their new burger they were advertising was the pastrami burger, a meat pattie, with pastrami and cheese. Basically a huge slab of grease in between two buns. I mean I love my burgers but I know a bad thing when I see it. I asked the ex what she wanted and she said she wanted the pastrami burger. I look back at her with a strange look, and said “Are you sure you want that burger?” So I ordered the pastrami burger combo for her, and a regular six dollar burger for myself, since I didn’t want anything too greasy. I took the food to our table, set it down, and then went back to my car to grab my pda / gps to plan the rest of our route. After a few minutes of searching for Hearst Castle in the PDA and setting our course, I grab what I thought was my burger and noticed it was geasy as hell and stuffed with pastrami. I look up and see her half way finished with my burger. “Hey, why are you eating my burger!” I said. “Oh, I thought this was mine. It’s pretty good” she said. Raising my voice in frustration, I said “How can you think that was yours? There’s no pastrami in it! Do you even know what you ordered?” She replied back that she just saw meat and cheese in the picture. Even more frustrated I said “If you didn’t know what it was why didn’t you just ask me? I even asked you if you were sure that was what you wanted! Aaagh!” Now I was stuck with a greasy ass burger that I didn’t want in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

"Then back to the motel room for more noodle sex." HAHAHAHAHA! You're KILLING me!

Oh, BTW, the burger thing? I would've thrown her off a cliff. I thought it was a girl thing, but when I have my tastebuds set on something, and due to someone's IDIOCY I don't get it? Maybe I wouldn't have thrown her off a cliff, but I would've made her buy me another one.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I want to go to that castle!!!! Um....about the sandwich, if you were "in love" you would have just said OK MY DEAR and ate your greasy food. But since you're not it obvoiusly presented some problems!!

Jane Doe said...

I love the "noddle sex" part, too! You had me rolling! This is too funny!

I've been to hearstle castle twice and can't wait to go again. I think I am going to go with my fam soon! Love the pixs!

James said...

Definitely do a night tour and book in advance. They were all sold out that day. It's alot nicer at night with all the people around in period costume.

Flat - Lots of little things like that can really drive somebody insane. I mean yah, it's all ok at first. But after a while, it really grates on you.

Jane Doe said...

I feel a road trip coming on!!! Hearts Castle here we come!!!!