Saturday, September 29, 2012

Run thru my alma mater

I stayed around campus after work today waiting for a co-worker to arrive so we could go for a run.  The goal was to run this 5K route so I can see what I am in for on an upcoming race.  The race honors a student who was fatally hit by a car on campus.  His family created this race in his honor and to provide scholarships to students as well. 

I know it's silly, but I literally had this fear of running this particular hill at my alma mater. I think I have too many memories of walking from class to my car which is at the top of this hill and being out of breath from just walking!  The race takes you from the BOTTOM of this hill and I wanted to conquer it before race day. 

My co-worker and her cousin ran the route and I ran the hill in it's entirety, then ran down to where my co-worker was and ran it up with her.  Then, together we ran down and gave much encouragement to her cousin and ran up this hill with her.  I conquered this hill and ran the steepest part THREE times!  I'm feeling pretty good about this.

The rest of the run was beautiful as we ran the back roads, thru campus and along horses.  I have to add, at times the horses would run up to us thinking we had food and then continue to run along side us.  Definitely a run I want to do more often.  Why didn't I ever take advantage of this while I was going to school there?

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Jane Doe said...

So I ended up not running this race. My sister wanted to hike Mnt. Baldy for her bday so of course picked celebrating my sister's bday over the race. Coworker was understanding and did the race pushing her toddler in a jogger stroller.