Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Farewell... until next summer!

Yesterday was my last Monday boot camp for the summer. *sniff* I start school this coming Monday, so I won't be able to make it anymore.

The group yesterday was a small group of us. Maybe 10 total. It was an extremely hot day and I think that scared away a lot of people.

We started off with three sets of 50 push-ups and a run uphill in between and ended with lunges and stair climbs. The middle was filled with a lot of running, ab workouts and more push-ups.

I really like seeing the progress I have made and am going to miss Mondays at the park!

So until next season of boot camp...


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you. There's no way I could do a boot camp in TN. It's been over 100 degrees here for the past 2 weeks. They have even stopped high school football boys from practicing outside. It's MISERABLE. Anyway, back to you, I'm glad you did this and are excited about NEXT year! You didn't get burned out and that's a great sign.

Bachatadharma said...

what is exactly boot camp?
In spain there are a tv spot with a black guy training like army, with gums too...is this? Sorry, i don´t know.
you´re a dinamic girl. I like. In Spain the girls don´t use to be so sporty. there are sports girls, of course, but i think is more usual in USA.
Have a good day!...and train...and good start of your new academic year

Jane Doe said...

Flat Coke - Thanks! You are such a positive person! That is a great think to be!!! Thanks for all the supoort!
100 degrees... ICK! I am like a flower... I wilt in the heat!

Bachatadharma - Boot camp is a group that works out weekly. My oldest sis leads un through military and police academy drills without all the yelling, like the drill instructors normally do. We don't do fire arm training, just good ol' exercises like lunges, push ups, jump rope, cross squats, etc. The US does have sporty, yet girlie girls! Especially in states like California. Have a good day, too!