Thursday, August 23, 2007

I can't believe my eyes!

Yesterday I made it to class early and was waiting for the previous class to end. I sat down on the floor and pulled out a book to read to pass the time. Two guys were sitting across from me and once I made eye contact, they asked about the class and if it was full. I let them know that as of Monday it was, but you never know.

One of the guys was very flamboyant and I thought he might be gay. Not that there is something wrong with that, just an observation. We chatted a little before class and they had a great sense of humor. It definitely beat reading my book.

Then I got the confirmation that this student was gay. We walked into class and he asked me to point out the teacher. Once I did, he fiddle with his hair, striked a pose and brought his shirt off his shoulder. He was trying to seduce the teacher into letting him into the class.

Wow, that is some confidence! After the shock factor passed, I was so amused with this guy. I can't imagine me doing that and I think it was cool that this guy would do whatever it took to get his education. It's all for the education and in his case, maybe a date, too!


Anonymous said...

Was the teacher male or female? It's ballsy, but kinda high risk? How does he know the teacher isn't gonna get offended? Besides, I don't think faculty is allowed to date their own students.

Jane Doe said...

My teacher is a male. I thought it was ballsy, too. If only this kid knew that my teacher is married, with a 1 year old and extreme Christian and frowns on homosexuality. I think he was young and doesn't know any better. Nonetheless, still VERY ballsy!

Anonymous said...

What some people won't do!!!

Vanessa said...

I was a lil shock and amused by this kids action. But that is exactly what he is, a kid! He is probably straight out of HS and is used to joking around like that