Monday, April 16, 2007


Yesterday I was introduced to the real spa experience. Prior to yesterday, I had always gone to the independent massage places where they do have massages, wraps and facials, but NOTHING compare to a day spa.

Cindy and I headed off to Glen Ivy Spa mid afternoon for a girls day of relaxation. It was my first time going to a day spa and I was in for a real treat!

We walked in and it was like entering another world. Lavender and eucalyptus filled the air and the sounds of fountain were a sweet welcoming sound.

We sat in the tea lounge next to a roaring fire to enjoy some tea and fill out a sheet with our personal info.

We had about 45 minutes before our massages, so we soaked in the whirlpool for a little bit and then went into the steam room. The lounge where we waited for our massage has cold cucumbers that you could place over your eyes while you waited and green apples to munch on. My name was called shortly after sitting down and I head off to for my 80 minute “Stress Reliever.” My masseuse, Melissa, gave me a free hot stone massage towards the end. It was very soothing and nice to way to end the session.

As Cindy and I walked out of our massage we were approached by the staff and asked if we wanted to try a complimentary exfoliation. Both of us tried the Sugar Glow scrub and it was like a bit of heaven. The showers are just like this one and the scrub smelled and felt great! After the shower I felt like a million bucks.

We relaxed in the steam room again and then head off back into reality. Since the spa is attached to the mall, I decide to go in and cash in my Victoria’s Secret gift card that my lil sis game me. I bought some cute panties, Love Spell lotion and spray and a new bra, which I am wearing today! :)


Anonymous said...

All the photos are of Vanessa that I took, btw. j/k

Anonymous said...

No pictures of the new bra? I love their bras & panties!! I've actually got a coupon for a free pair of panties right now I need to use.

Love the spa! Sounds like a place Cindy needs to take me you & Jordan someday!! hint hint

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! I got that same coupon! Totally forgot.

I would take all of you, but you guys need to physically be here for me to take! hint, hint!

Whine Girl said...

well.. I'd go for sure

hint hint

Anonymous said...

Did i just read about bra and panties????

PICTURES PICTURES!!!! :). My email box is open to photos as well! haha.

Ill bring you gifts from Japan!!! ;D

Jane Doe said...

Cindy you can take me!And where do you get these coupons?

Maybe when I get my new hot bod, then I might post some pixs of me in my new stuff just for continuing motivation and reminder to stay in shape! :)