Thursday, April 5, 2007

You just have to laugh it off

This morning I was restocking the conference room's fridge when a diet coke fell out of my hand, hit the carpeted floor and EXPLODED! Soda flew onto my clothes, on the credenza, in between the credenza and fridge, in the fridge and on the carpet. It was everywhere! I went to my desk and grabbed my handy dandy Shout Wipes and cleaned myself up and then called Facilities and had them come shampoo my mess.

Note to self: order paper towels for conference room. Beverages napkins don't absorb crap!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry I spilled coffee on my scrubs yesterday morning. I didn't even realize it until I was walking in the door of the hospital. It's dark on my drive to work in the am. And I didn't even SPILL it, it LEAKED out from underneath the rim and I had on an undershirt b/c it's chilly here so I never felt the warmth of the coffee!! Hope you got everything spic n span again!!

James said...

Let's see I spilled a can of coke on my desk yesterday.
Today I spilled some soda right on my crotch.
I got two spills for your one.

Anonymous said...

I've got one that'll top all this. Maybe I'll blog about it one day if I can swallow the humiliation. It had to do with chocolate in the car on the way to the gym a few years ago.

Ano the Blogger said...

Ooooppsss!!!! Thats no good! I havent spilled anythig yet here :D Ack i realized blogger is all in japanese here hahaha. i cant read any of the fields.... oh well i have to comment from memory.

Whine Girl said...

James I told you to take Japanese reading lessons before you went there! Do you listen to me? Never!

Other James... you spilled soda on your crotch? Sticky crotch!!

Vanessa: where are the pics? haha

Jane Doe said...

I went in the fridge today and there was still coke stains all over. I thought facilities cleaned it all. Opps! Well, at least no one caught it before I did.