Monday, April 2, 2007

Quiet Zone... please keep it down

I drank too much last and it hit me a little harder then expected. Maybe it's because I was PMSing, or had an empty tummy or that I am a light weight and took in too much.... either way I am paying for it today. I have the worst hang over ever! I just want to crawl into a quiet cave and sleep the day away. But no, I have to drive down to John Wayne Airport and play hostess for work. :(

I was supposed to start my workout schedule today, too. But I really don't see that happening.

But I am such a girl... I purposely dressed cute today, so I would feel better. I have a cute black suit and my new shoes on! I am going to ignore the fact that my feet hurt already, tho. :)


Anonymous said...

#1 LOL!!!! I love you!
#2 I hardly think of a cave as a great resting! LOL! It has too many rocks and wird bugs and bats! :-( LOL!!
How about a comfortable bed by a pretty waterfall! :-)
Thats sounds awesome! LOL!!
#3 Beauty hurts so walk it out gurl!! You can do it! :-) LOL!! Love ya! and have a great day at work!

Jane Doe said...

Love you, too, girl!

I just wanted to be in a dark, quiet place, but I am a lot better now. I had about 20 minutes of down time at JW Airport to chit chat with my boss and that got me in a really good mood. It was very insightful and I left feeling inspired!

Anonymous said...

Ain't nothing wrong with getting lick-er-d up every now & then. The gym is going can workout tomorrow. And I"m sure you look sexy as hell in those shoes. Hope you feel stuff!!

Anonymous said...

less than 2.5 hrs left to go! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

half an hour left! Almost there!

Whine Girl said...

I remember the last time I felt like that.... it's been quite awhile... THANK GOD!! haha

Jane Doe said...

I made it!!! I am feeling A LOT better today! :) Thank goodness!