Monday, April 23, 2007


This would be part two of this post:

Even tho in the post below I just wrote that Roommie and I had a "drama free" weekend, I still want to have this up here as a reminder to me about how things can be.

Luckily, lil sis' hubby works in construction and can patch most of the holes. The hall way door will need to be completely replaced. *sigh*


Anonymous said... are walking on eggshells. It's only a matter of time until it's not furniture or sheetrock.


Vanessa said...

He knowns better.. he is a martial artist and his butt would be thrown in jail royally. Plus, now that I called the cops and already have a record of his violence he knows I am not messying around.

Whine Girl said...

Yeah, but you have to know that several violators KNEW the consequence of their anger, yet when it comes to a fit of rage, any rational thoughts fly out the window.

Today at 10 am (hopefully, I need to check for sure) the murderer ex husband of my friend Lisa, died by lethal injection. 13 years after he shot her in the head. His anger issues started off with holes in the wall.

Jane Doe said...

Jordan... I am suddenly very happy I didn't purchase the gun I was thinking about.

Anonymous said...

Listen to these 2! They know what they are talking about! And you were gonna buy a gun?
But I love ya and I am here for you! :-)

Vanessa said...

I was going to buy one, because Dad and I used to go to the shooting range and I thought it would be cool to go, but heck...I'll wait to buy one after roommie moves out. You know what I mean?

Vanessa said...

Jessy, you think your hubby can fix the holes? Let me know when he wants to come down and take a look.

Ano the Blogger said...

Whoa... ok thats scary. No normal person should do anything like that.

I dont think you can say "He knows better" -- dont you think he really should have known better than to punch holes into the wall, throw stuff around the house and get you to call the police? He did that anyway didnt he?

I'm really worried for you Vanessa. Be careful. You need to get out of that situation fast. You deserve a lot better than that.

Jane Doe said...

Thanks James! I do deserve better! I think once he moves out it will be easier to move on and not run back into his arms!