Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Glitch in the system

I went on American Express' website to download some old statements that I can't find and forgot my UserID. I tried about 10 of them and noticed the option to answer my "secret" question, so I click on it and it popped up a box for me to type in and instructions to put the answer to my secret question in the box, but there was no question to answer. I thought maybe it's my Mother's maiden name, enter it in the box and no luck. Then I randomly put another answer and it worked! Sweet! It disclosed my UserID and I totally forgot I had even created that one. I decided to write down all my UserID names down and I have 23 of them! OMG! I am out of control! Most people use the same ones, but I tried not to and looks like I did a good job at it.


Anonymous said...

You randomly typed in an "answer" for which there was no question and you actually got it right?! Either you're really lucky and should go buy that lottery ticket (and win a massage chair), or you're really predictable. Haha.

James said...

Wow, that's pretty good. Unfortunately that means somebody can just steal your piece of paper and go transfer some money around.

Course the other option isn't so great either, using the same userid and passwords for all your sites.

Whine Girl said...

I have 3 that I use... so if I go to a site and forget the userID or password, it's BOUND to be one of the others!

Anonymous said...

I had to send myself an email with all my username and passwords. So many of them require different amount of characters. Some require numbers, some require letters, some require a combo of both, some are even so sensitive you cannot duplicate the same letter in the username or password. Ugh! No wonder we have so many!!

Vanessa said...

Cindy - I think I was lucky! My Visa just made me select 3 secret question. YIKES!

James - I justed typed them al in a word document and password protected it! Yup, another psswd to remember.

Jordan - You only have 3? Luck you!!! I guess I could've done that but am afriad of ID theft because it has already happened once.

Flat Coke - Ugh, indeed! I am so with you with the bazillion UserID & Passwords. At work I have about 7-10 of them and they all change every 3 months and can't be reused and all have different criteria.