Monday, April 30, 2007

Aunt Martha

Guys, you might not want to read on... it's about girl TMI stuff!

Last Monday I came into work and was only craving these little, chocolate, Easter eggs that have a crisp shell on them that my co-worker has on her desk. Every bite is a little bit of heaven! I commented to another co-worker who sits across from her that I must be PMSing because who craves and eats these for breakfast? Later that day I started my period (my sisters and I call her our Aunt Martha).

Once I told a friend that my Aunt Martha was here and they thought I was talking about a real relative. Too funny!


Anonymous said...

Lol... You know this is not nearly as much of TMI as some of the conversations I had with Cindy lol.

Aunt Martha! That's hillarious. I would have NO idea.

Anonymous said...

Good thing you took that in stride. Most guys would be like "eewww!"

Anonymous said...

Some guys are not only okay with Aunt Martha type TMI, but will kiss Aunt Martha hello. I discovered that during Auntie's last visit to me.