Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Last night I was pampered!!!

Cindy and I have been emailing back and forth about scheduling a spa day and yesterday I got a great email from her inviting me to her honey’s house to not only schedule the spa day, but for dinner, jacuzzi time with margarita and dessert.

After work I rushed home, feed the kitties, grabbed my bathing suit and headed over to meet up with Cindy and her Mr. W. Dinner was almost ready when I arrived and while waiting I relaxed on Mr. W’s massage chair. I SO want one, but am told it’s about $3K. It one that reclines, warms up, vibrates, kneads, taps and more! I think of it as a bit of heaven! Just incase someone out there wins the lotto and decides to buy me a gift…. I want that chair!!!

Dinner was delicious! I had Japanese curry with veggies on top of wild rice and asparagus on the side. I rarely have a home cooked meal, so it was a real nice feeling to sit down at a reasonable time, eat a great meal and have wonderful company! My normal dinner routine consist of eating something I heated in the oven around 10PM, having cats meow at me and/or beg for attention and sometimes they even drop stink bombs and I totally have to abort the meal! So this was a pleasant change of pace.

We chatted for awhile and Mr. W made us margaritas and soon after we headed off to the jacuzzi. I didn’t realize that my toes were frozen until I dipped them into the hot water and felt them defrost. Where I sat were two jets one with really hot water and another one with tons of pressure. My lower back was aching, so I let the comforting massaging jet release the tension.

The strangest thing happen while we were in the jacuzzi. One of the other neighbors came in and sat with us. See if it were me, I would have gone to the other jazzuci where no one was occupying it, but this neighbor came into the one we were in and started up conversation with total strangers. I was impressed because I so do not have that skill! Well, I guess I do if I am drunk, but sober I lack that ability. I remember studying her and almost taking mental notes. When it would get silent she would bring up random stuff, ask questions, make eye contact, etc. It didn’t look that hard. I guess it wouldn’t kill me to try! Wait… now that I think about it I do that at the gym sometimes in the steam room. So I guess I don’t lack that ability completely. I just need to water those social seeds in me. She left after 15-20 minute to go catch the TV show Hause and we headed back after the second set of jets turned off to get some dessert. Mr. W had 5 different kinds from ice cream sandwiches to cones. Yummy!!!

After that Cindy and I search the web for spa deals and I think we are going to see if anything is available for this Saturday at Glen Ivy Spa.

Man, this night was a real treat! I think every night should be like this one!


Anonymous said...

Seems like you had a blast!!
Mr. W seems to be a great guy! HE KNOWS HOW TO MAKE SWEETS!!!
Thats awesome!
We need more males like that in the world! LOL!!!!
I want a chair like that 2!!!!
I hope to win the lotto soon!! :-)
Love ya

Anonymous said...

yeah, I'm spoiled sick. I'm really happy he's able to be good to my friends, too. That's one trait I need to exercise more.

That woman was weird, like she came down only to kill 15 mins with strangers. I wouldn't have gotten in a swimsuit and bothered walking down to sit in a jacuzzi for 15 mins while I'm waiting in-between TV shows. (She'd just seen American Idol before she came down, as she told us.) But she came down, chatted about American Idol, and then skipped back home to watch House. I did see the wedding rings on her left ring finger, so maybe she's bored and her hubby won't talk to her, or is working that night. But you're right, she was really good about making eye contact and including everyone in on her conversation. I still think it was weird cuz I couldn't be so brazen and presumptuous as to join someone else's spa session when the entire pool and the entire other jacuzzi were free. It wasn't a huge jacuzzi.

Whine Girl said...

what a great evening!

I wonder what Mr. W will make me when I come to visit? macaroni and cheese and hot dogs? j/k!!

that was courageous of the girl to join you guys in the spa... it depends on my mood if I would have done that or not.. but probably not.

Jane Doe said...

Jess - I DID have a blast! It was sooo relaxing!!! And if you win the lotto first you owe me a chair.

Cindy - You luck gal you! Spoiled sick is a nice place to be.

And you crack me up! You noticed her ring? You are good!

Jane Doe said...

Jordan - We will have to relive the evening when you come down! :) Especailly the margaritas and jacuzzi part!!!

Anonymous said...

Jordan - you're getting raw fish.

Vanessa said...

That's right! We have to go to the sushi place, too!

Whine Girl said...

nooooooooo raw fish!! James said if I eat raw fish, drinks are on him.... I'm not sure it's still worth it!

Anonymous said...

Jordan - Me, Vanessa, James and Mr. W eat a lot of raw fish. And look how healthy we are! So clearly eating raw fish is not detrimental to you, and it may even be beneficial.

Even still, I'd hold James to his promise of unlimited liquor.

Vanessa said...

Don't knock it until you try it!And you can order drinks for Cindy and I , sneak them to us and then we'll get free drinks too. I am SO just kidding!!!! I don't want any bad karma that comes tied with a sneaky situation like that. But it would be a lil amusing!

Anonymous said...

I used to say I'd NEVER try sushi, now I could eat it 2-3 times per week, maybe more. But I'd still eat some hot dogs & mac/cheese too!

I'm a social butterfly so I can carry on a conversation with anyone, anytime. I'm the girl that bugs the stew out of you in the grocery store line. "Hmmm...Making lasagna tonight?" (noticing noodles, beef, cottage cheese, etc)

I hope I'm in on the margarittas & jacuzzi too. The guys would luv to have Vanessa, Cindy, Jordan, & Lenae in the same jacuzzi. They'd be turned on for days!!

Anonymous said...

Flat Coke - nice thought! =) But which lucky guys are we thinking about including?

Vanessa said...

We get guys, too! YIPPEE! I am so in!

I'd like to put a special request for the men to look like the ones on 300 :) They are the best eye candy EVER!

Vanessa said...

Cindy... I was just thinking.... we could have our F#@!-aware party when them come down, too!

James said...

Ooh, if I draw on some abs, can I go?
(grabs the airbrush)