Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Chivalry still exist!

I had to make a trip to my work's "E" building to pick something up for my boss. It's about a 1/2 mile away so I just made it part of my lunch plans. As I was walking up to the lobby door, I heard "don't you dare get that door!" I turned around and it was one of our IT guys running up to open the door for me. I was really taken back, because he was the one with stuff in his hands and was about 10 to 15 steps behind me. I sincerely said "WOW! What a gentleman!" He said "it should always be that way!" then smile and took off to go enjoy his lunch he just bought. As I walked up stairs to the second floor I could help but smile.

That is one thing that I did notice coming to work here. Men are very polite here! True gentlemen. Also, people here call you by your first name, ask you how you are doing and really are interested in knowing and men still open doors for ladies. I love working for companies that have a family environment. It's so much different then my last company, but I was in the beauty industry before this job and things can get snooty there.


James said...

You sure it isn't because the IT guy likes you?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking more along the lines of James. I think most of the men find your body HAWT and WANT you. How else would you have noticed him if he hadn't made it a point to say STOP! LOOK @ ME!!!!

Vanessa said...

You know, that thought never crossed my mind! I just thought he was being nice.

James said...

I say go flirt with him a little and see what happens! :)

Jane Doe said...

But he is SO not my type! Plus, he is in the IT department, which means if he get psycho, then he might start stalking my computer and see all the stuff I do. SCARY!

Ahh! He might even see this post.