Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend wrap up

Friday James and I went out for dinner and for him to give me my souvenirs from his recent trip to Japan. James handed me a bag off goodies when I got into the car and I couldn’t wait to open them! He brought me back two cute charms; one was Hello Kitty and another one of a crystal ball with a dragon wrapped around it, sake, and a sake pitcher and cups set. He purchased the sake pitch/cups set the day he climbed a mountains and those mountains are the ones painted on the set. They are SUPER cool! THANKS JAMES!

We headed off to BJ’s Restaurant and had a blast. There was over an hour wait so we hung out and caught up on what’s been going on.

During our wait I got a call from my niece and oldest sister. My niece, who is a freshman in high school, is going to prom the following day with a SENIOR! OMG! My little niece is growing up too fast! She also wanted to let me know she signed up for the Black Belt Club at the martial arts dojo that I signed her up at. She will probably have a black belt by the time she is a senior in high school.

Our pager finally went off and we were seated and enjoyed a great meal of avocado egg rolls, lettuce wraps and BJ famous pizza, plus a pitcher of Berry Burst Cider.

Saturday, I was helping a friend baby-sit a house and it was a gorgeous day in Southern California. The three other girls that spent the night left and I decide to go swimming…NAKED! What can I say? It was hot and I didn’t have a bathing suit, so instead of waiting while my friend woke up and then cleaned the house, I entertained myself. I played catch with one of the dogs from the pool and then sun bathed. I am a little water bug so it’s like home for me to me in water. Sorry…no pictures!

Later on that night I went out dancing with Santa, Jay Jay, Rocky, Dennis, and two other guys. We went to Sevilla’s Night Club in Long Beach again and it was happening! I can't express how great it feels to go out dancing. It lifts my soul! I love the feeling of just getting lost in the rhythm of the music and then looking up at my pals during the song and seeing grins on their faces and seeing them getting lost in the music, too.

Sunday I had my first session with my trainer, Carmen. She is very knowledgeable and almost made me cry. Have you ever had one of those moments when someone is just giving you words of advice and they hit home? I see her next Sunday for a kick ass workout.


Anonymous said...

Skinny dipping with no pictures???? Humph!!

Glad you had such a good weekend.

I'm happy you like your new trainer. Half the battle is in the mind.

Vanessa said...

Sorry no pictures, but the neighboor with the two story house got a free shot when I was sun bathing. Haha! I didn't realize you could see me, but you could. Hope they aren't friends with the person we were baby-sitting for, that would be too embarassing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vanessa,

Glad you liked the gifts! Dinner was so much fun. It's always a great time with you! I noticed you didn't post about the book! lol.

I'm with flat coke. Skinny dipping and sun bathing and no pictures???

I'm glad the new trainer is working out good for ya! That should keep you motivated for sure!

Anonymous said...

That's right... another thing I left out. So here it goes - James and I were chatting about anal sex and I hear from a lot of my friends that it is easier to have an organism through anal sex, so I brought my Tantric Sex book to dinner and James and I try to educate our self on the anus and see if there is a g-spot there. We couldn't find anything besides really cool positions. Any one know?

James said...

Seriously, skinny dipping and no pics?!

Easier to orgasm through anal sex? Hmm, I wasn't able to ever convince any of the girls to give it a shot, especially when they complain about it barely being able to fit it in the regular way.

Vanessa said...

I have noticed that orgasm are more intense, but that is probably because things are normal not entering through that area.

A lot of women can't have an orgasm virginally, or I should say their man can't work it correctly, so that's why a lot of women "fake it."

I don't see the point in faking it. It's all about communicating what you like!

But those same women who "fake it” vaginally, say through anal they don't.

Whine Girl said...

Ok so when we talk about things like this, pics *do* help.

James told me about the book the other night.. VERY funny. He said when you had it, you were trying to hide it under your arm but when he had it, you were all about him not hiding it!! You guys should have had an extra loud conversation about this at dinner.
James is used to people raising eyebrows over his dinner conversation.

You should have given James a demonstration about the tantric stuff... now that is BLOGWORTHY!!

Anonymous said...

Seems like you had a great weekend!
Aw... isnt Nacha growing fast!
Man I cant believe it!

I like dancing too! :-)
Love ya!

Vanessa said...

Girl anytime you want to come with us... give me a ring-a-ding! This Thursday, Friday AND Saturday we are going out!

Vanessa said...

Jordan you are right...pix do help! I will see about scanning them and posting them. I need to learn how to do the secret post that Cindy and James do that you click on the word and it takes you there since a lot of us read stuff at work.

James....need your help since Cindy is gone. Email me how you did that, please!