Friday, April 20, 2007


I've been tagged! I was checking up on all my blogger buddies this morning and when visiting Flat Coke's page I noticed she tagged me with writing the 5 reasons I blog. So, drum roll please... in no particular order, here are my 5 reasons.

1. Cindy made me do it! j/k She did twist my arm a little, tho, and I totally thank her for it!

2. To get my daily dose of laughter. I see the funniest crap ever on blogs. Just like this.

3. Seeing how I am one of the MOST conceited people you'll ever meet. You know those gals that have to check themselves out where ever their reflection is (i.e. window, mirror, water, glass, utensils, etc). The #1 reason I blog is to talk about the 3 most important people... ME, MYSELF and I. .... NOT!!! (If you saw Borat you'll so get a kick out of the "not"). Seriously, tho, one of the real reason is to have a place to remember moments in time, write about new discoveries in my life, and a place to vent and get good feedback.

4. To keep in touch with friends and to meet new ones.

5. To keep me occupied at work. :)

And I am supposed to tag 5 people but the ones I know have already been tagged, excepted for Messy Jessy... so tag, you're it girl!


Anonymous said...

Hmm. You and Jordan have strikingly similar #1s.

Vanessa said...

I know that is what I commented on her's. It took three tries, tho... I can't multi-task apparently

Jane Doe said...

I am just thinking aloud here... if I tag someone who doesn't have a blog, does that make them HAVE to get a blog??? If so... James I tag you! Start a blog and then write 5 reasons why you started!!! :) See now you will be able to share your Japan trip with all of us AND complete the tag!

Anonymous said...

I can see James' tagged entry now.

1.) Because Cindy made me.
2.) Because Vanessa tagged me.
3.) Because Cindy threatened me bodily harm.
4.) Because Vanessa knows at least 3 types of martial arts that she wants to try out in real life.
5.) Because Cindy is holding a video tape of me dancing drunk and nekkid at a zoo with Vanessa hostage.

Vanessa said...

With my sick, sqeaky voice my lol sounds so funny! I LOVE #3-5. I am still rolling!!!

Whine Girl said...

How funny that we BOTH said "cindy made me do it" .. hysterical. Yes, the law is, if you tag James, he has to get a blog...

you know (looking sideways).. he's out of the country... ahem.... wouldn't it be a nice welcome home to come home to his very own blog?


Anonymous said...

*gears turning*
*hamsters running on wheels*
*squeak squeak*

Vanessa said...

Jordan that WOULD be a nice surprise for James to have his blog already to go! We are such great friend to think of him like that *wink* And he'll probably be jet lagged and this way all he has to do is upload pix and type away :)

Anonymous said...

Love your list!!! Let me know if you create James a blog. I'd love to fill up his comment box!!

Vanessa said...

Thx! 1/2 so just wants to do it...but the other part of me (probably the angel on the shoulder) is taking my attention else where.

Vanessa said...

Update: I heard from James last night and he is going to start a blog to post his Japan trip stuff! YIPPEE!

Anonymous said...

I am it ???
I dont blog! I am a blog :-)

Vanessa said...

Girl, on your MySpace use the blog feature and do it silly! I am going to check periodically and see if you did it :)