Thursday, April 26, 2007

Don’t shoot the messenger!

Yesterday was SUPER hectic at work. I had to come in early to set up for an 8am meeting and the day continued to run at full force. I had to miss lunch and to top it off I was the messenger for pissed off boss.

Late morning yesterday I get a call from my boss to tell me that he is outside and someone is parked in his reserved parking spot. We recently closed one of our buildings a half mile away and transferred all those employees over to the three building at my current location. Since then parking has become a challenge to say the least.

I called security twice and no one answered the phone both times, then I called the head of security directly and the first time I got his voicemail. Finally, the second time I got through. By this time by boss had checked with me twice on the progress and was not happy that I could not get a hold of someone. He had me call the head of security’s boss, his boss and his secretary to complain. He wanted this car towed ASAP and wanted the name of the person who owned the vehicle and the name of the person who he reported to. By boss was not a happy camper and I had to tell people delicately so that fact with my boss in ear-shot distance away.

Security was very nice and understanding. They even went around the building and asked (200+ people) if any one own the white, later model, Toyota 4Runner parked behind the building. Since the owner was not found, security had the car towed. I felt bad as I watched the car being towed and hoped the owner would run down and claim it before the y took off, but no luck.

Image being the person whose car was towed? Coming out of work and not seeing your car. I would have thought it was stolen and freaked out. Then I would have freaked out when I had to go claim it at the storage facility and probably have to pay $300+ to get it back.

This morning I received a report from security stating all the facts that occurred yesterday and that they were not aware of the owner yet, but believe it was so and so. They email me their badge photo. I guess for easy IDing. That was a little extreme, I thought.

So to the owner of the white, later model Toyota 4Runner I am so sorry for having to tow your car! I hope you got it back and it didn’t cost too much!


Anonymous said...

I hope they got their paddywagon back. That sucks!

Anonymous said...

It's really weird that no one claimed the car for 2 days. I mean, they had to go home that night it was towed, right? Do you think the guy walked home and upon entering the front door, he pondered aloud, "I feel like I forgot something...wonder what it is."?

Ano the Blogger said...

I've left my car overnight at work before for a night or two!

Whine Girl said...

I've seen that happen before but not because they left it there for 2 days.. just because they parked somewhere they shouldn't have and didn't respond to numerous pages asking to move the vehicle. So I didn't feel *too* bad.

And.. Ano.. you ARE bad. I saw that.

Ano the Blogger said...

What??? What did you see?? Do you have proof?? You don't have proof.

Whine Girl said...

yes I do.. cameras in the parking lot... I saw what you did

Jane Doe said...

I haven't heard anything. I am sure the person figured out where his car was towed to and just went there, instead of asking security. Funny thing is my boss hasn't even asked about it, but I have the info incase he does.

Anonymous said...

Oh i feel fo da person who got their car towed =o(
I have spent about $1,500 in towing exp in the Anaheim Apts! =o( No cool!!!!

Vanessa said...

You came to mind when I had to ask security to tow it. I felt SO bad! Still feel guilt!