Monday, April 9, 2007

My weekend

Another weekend just flew by. Friday I met up with lil sis to shoot a video of me doing martial arts at Balboa Beach. At first I felt silly, because here I was in my gi and a lot of people were staring from the pier at me, but after awhile I totally forgot that they were there and got into it.
On the way back we stopped by The World’s Finest Erotic Gift shop – Condom Revolution where I dropped $220.00. I bought some gag gifts for roommie’s upcoming b-day, a cute little (and by “little” I mean TINY) black, pleated skirt, tang top that reads “Ask not what the pussy can do for you, ask what you can do for the pussy” (half tempted to air brush a pix of one of my two kitties on it), red & black corset, and a whip!

Afterwards, we headed over to lil sis’ house to download pix of me and start editing. A friend had let her borrow the movie 300, so I watched it for the 4th time.
I saw the final draft of the video yesterday and it looks AWESOME! I had forgotten my escrima sticks on Friday, so I want to add that piece in, so maybe we will get to it this upcoming weekend.

Saturday was really weird for me. I woke up feeling tight all over, sinus pressure, and my body ached as if I had the flu. I scheduled a back, shoulder and neck massage and thought that would set me straight so I could go to martial arts practice at 4PM. Normally I can take a lot of pressure on my back, but this time I was wimpy. I kept hearing popping and crackling while my massage therapist broke up my knots on my back. Eeww! Afterwards, I didn’t feel great at all. In fact, I felt worst. I was debating whether to soak in hot water or ice it, so I called Sense-T. He explained that I am storing all my stress in my body and the massage just released a bunch of toxins, so I should go sweat it out. He recommends I go for a light run or sit in the steam room, but I couldn’t move though. I just went home, slept, woke up about midnight to watch the movie Open Season

and went back to bed. I haven’t been to gym to work out in two weeks and realized that I use exercise as my stress outlet. I decided to take Sunday easy and head back into the gym on Monday.

Sunday, I went to practice with Sense-T. His motorcycle was recently run over, so he asked me to take him on some errands. To our surprise a lot of places were closed and we finally figured out that it was Easter Sunday. We headed off to the Block in Orange at had breakfast. I had never eaten at the Corner Bakery before and I have to say it was pretty yummy! Sensei-T got oatmeal with cranberries, green apples, bananas and cinnamon. It looked so good! Next time I will try that. I got home, took a nap, and then roommie and I had dinner at the BEST Southern BBQ in town – Lucille’s and picked up 4 movies. I only stayed up to see two of them – Prestige

& Borat

Both REALLY good!


Anonymous said...

I liked Borat...sounds like your weekend was good. I want a massage soon. I need to release some stress that the gym just isn't taking care of.

Vanessa said...

I hear ya sister! Roommie TRIED to be celibate for 3 months and that was stressful and no working on would undo that stress!!! He(we) were on it for like 3 weeks, but this weekend he decided to stop trying. YIPPEE! It's perk I will cash in on while he is living with me.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a friends with benefits type thing going on? Either way YIPPEE for the break in celibacy!!

Anonymous said...

You're supposed to drink a lot of water for 24 hrs after a massage to help your body filter out all the unleashed lactic acid. And I thought the celibacy was broken every few days, you vixen.

James said...

Ooh, I say you should post pics of you and your new skirt!

Jane Doe said...

Flat Coke - Roommie and I were together for 3 years, so it's hard to get used to not screwing around. But that will be over when he moves.

Cindy - He would break his celibacy every couple days, but then go back on it. Now the porn magazines are back in the bathroom and he is completely off it! :D Good thing too, because he seems a lot calmer. It didn't make sense for him to put himself through sometime stressful when he is already going through stressful events, so I am SUPER happy that he is off it (for other reasons too). I told him that once he moves out he should go back on it :)

James - That skirt goes with the corset and is for roommies eyes only on his b-day. But you never know I might grow some and post a pix. I guess you will just have to wait and see

Anonymous said...

Wow, you got sick on exactly the same night that I got sick over here! How weird. I had the same thing on that day.

Ended up having a little fever for the next day but i still went out sight seeing anyway.

I have a bunch of pictures in my camera that i dont remember taking haha.