Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nicaragua visting US

I heard great news yesterday! My 1/2 sister from Nicaragua is coming to the State real soon! We are the only link my sister has to our Father and she wants to come down for the year anniversary of his passing.

I have only met her twice, once when we did a family trip right after my parent's divorce and again about 3 years ago. She is a very sweet lady with tons of love to give. I keep in touch with her and all my nieces and nephew via email (gotta love the Internet!). They are SO cute! They are taking English classes and enjoy practicing by writing to me in my native language. I am so very proud of them and that that are able to understand my emails and communicate back.

Hopefully, she will be able to come the week of fourth of July, because my works has that week off for a mandatory shut down. I would love to take her to see all the cool stuff here in California like Disneyland, a Flamenco show, train ride to San Diego, Hollywood, Botanical Gardens, museums, etc. And I would love to send her home with a family photo. I'm going to email the rest of my family and have them plan on taking one while she is here.


Anonymous said...

I cant wait until she comes! I cant believe that Dad is gone as well! =0( It will be 1 year soon! But i am glad that we will spend time with our sis! =o)
I will try to have time off that week as well so that I can spend time with her and all my beautiful sisters!

Vanessa said...

Yeah, this year has been CrAzY to say the least! It will be great to see her and show her all the loving suport that she lacks back home by the stupid, mean, greedy relatives.

I want her to have a blast here and have tons of great memories and pictures to take back home.

Anonymous said...

Family is so important. Glad you're going to get to see her again soon.

Vanessa said...

Family IS important and I can't wait to see her again. It's cool to see all the emails back and forth from family starting to make plans and accomodations for her.

I hope one day her daughters can come down, especially Karla-Vanessa and Samantha.

My Dad was going to adopt one of them, so they could get an education here in the States and could assist there family from here.