Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shower thoughts

This morning at the VERY EARLY time of 3:22AM (PST) I got a texted from lil sis. She accompanied her hubby to North Carolina to check out Duke University’s Campus and she was letting me know that they arrived safely, but luggage hadn’t made it, yet. Obviously, she forgot about the time difference!

It was my brother-in-law’s first time on a plane and her first time with someone who had never flown before. She sent the family an email the day before asking for us to keep them in our thought and prayers for their entire trip. Funny thing is yesterday while in the shower they came to mind. The shower is where I get a lot of thinking done and I said a little prayer for them. The entire day I kept thinking about them. I was happy for brother-in-law, but a little sadden. If he gets accepted, lil sis will move to North Carolina for 3 years. *sniff* Nooooo!

Lil sis is my FAVORITE sis. She knows everything about me and is one of my best friends! I know it’s selfish, but I want her to stay! *pouting*

But it will be cool that he will be going to one of the schools by Dad attended and I know what ever happens that it will be good for both their futures, so GOOD LUCK Bro!!! Hope you get what you want! And if you do move you BETTER take good care of my sis while you are there!!!!


Anonymous said...

It's okay...3 years is a very short time to invest into the (often extreme) betterment of their entire future. And if she does relocate there temporarily, that just means another vacation spot for you to visit where you can stay with family, and someone can show you around! Plus, with the internet, this blog site, free cell phone minutes, she'll still be right there when you need her.

Anonymous said...

You know Vanessa.....Tennessee is on the way to North Carolina...hint hint wink wink!! :o) What a beautiful drive cross country that would be from Calif to N.C. ROAD TRIP!!

Whine Girl said...

right, what cindy said... AND... north carolina is north of florida with a couple tiny states in between..... so, you know, like FLAT said.. what a beautiful drive south and then woops, there you are, in Orlando!

I think in the shower too, but not as much as I do when I'm driving.

Jane Doe said...

Cindy - But it will seem like such a LONG 3 years! But it will be good for them and their future.

Flat Coke & Jordan - I could have my connecting flight in TN when I am going there and I can meet up for a couple hours with Flat Coke and have my departing flight have a ay over in FL and meet up with Jordan!

Anonymous said...

Now *I* wanna go!

Jane Doe said...

You can come with!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Aw I love you too!
Man i have been so bust at work I finally had the chnace to read your blog and what a pretty surprise!
I love ya gurl!
You are the best and my fav sis as well! you know EVERYTING about me!
lilk crazy me! LOL!

I read all the love an dcomments on my myspace page! COOL! and thanx! :-)
ur da best forever! :-)