Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The low down of my new position

I normally give myself about 3 to 4 weeks to get my feet wet in a new job/position and determine whether I like the job or not. On June 29th my previous boss retired and I transferred over to the Sales Dept. It's the same position title, but different department.

I have to say, I am not a fan of the transfer. I am super busy and I haven't even started all my "roles" yet. I will be traveling for work again, which is not a bonus for me. That means I have to find a kitty/house sitter, travel on weekends and do A LOT of overtime.

I don't see this position fitting into my schedule. This position demands a lot of overtime and my priories is school and my health. My bosses work 12-14 hours days on the regular.

The work environment is not as friendly and pleasant. People's best foot used to be forward with my previous boss, but over here they tend to be negative.

Overall, it just doesn't feel like home!

My plan is to get my Father's Estate completed and Probate closed, put myself on a budget, move to a less expensive place (possibly a room for rent situation), and hopefully be ready to quit come Spring 2008. That way I can go to school full time and focus on my education.


Whine Girl said...

focusing on your education is a good plan, but can you deal with this situation until spring of 08?

i never get to travel for my job! everyone gets to travel (seems like) for their jobs but me... my "travel" is just to and from!

Jane Doe said...

Traveling for work is not a bowl of cherries. WHen you leave work you get to go home and do what ever you want. WHen you travel for work you are stuck in a hotel and normally your co-workers want to hang out afterward or at least eat dinner. Plus, you tend to gain weight because all there is to eat is vending machine, hotel food and take out. If it were up to me I would never travel for work!!!!