Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wedding bells sub for IPod

Yesterday I had a call with all my sisters and during the call I found out great news, my lil sis is having a wedding ceremony! Her first semester in college she fell in love and the two love birds went down to the court house and got hitch and now 5 years later she is have her wedding ceremony. HOORAY!

Not only am I going to be in the wedding, but yours truly is...
*dramatic pause* ....
*drum roll*

her maid-of-honor! I am so excited for her and later on that night we caught on details, things that need to get done, etc. Her wedding is in February 2008, which means I will be in great shape for the wedding because my marathon is the month before, which mean that I will have been working out.

After the call I went to Jay’s side of town and went running with Jay on a fancy track. It’s the San Clemente High School track and it so nice that they do not allow you to run on the first 4 tracks to keep looking nice. You should have seen me when I realized I forgot my IPod. I felt doomed because we were running 4miles, that’s 16 LAPS with only me and my thoughts to keep me company. I literally fell to the floor we I saw Jay with his IPod and remembering that mind was on my table. I know what you are thinking, I am so dramatic! haha! I made it through the run, though. My sister’s wedding kept my mind occupied for the first mile.

After my run I could notice the bounciness of the track. It’s definitely worth the drive.


Anonymous said...

AW! I cant wait! and I am so happy that u are excited about this all! We should go wedding dress hunting in December =o) or Nov =o_ Whatcha think?? Love ya and TTYL

Jane Doe said...

Hey Jessy, I am game for going wedding dress shopping. I will look into the Wedding Expo and send you info on it. Love you, too!