Friday, July 27, 2007

Sleepless night

Last night was my first night of house/dog sitting for Santa. I had a rough night. My evening started a little rushed as I remembered during lunch that my sister had invited me to a Flamenco show that her instructor was putting on. I rushed home after work to get things prepared for me spending the night at Santa's and headed down to the theater in the Art Village in Santa Ana. The show was great, very artsy and filled with passion. Time Warner was taping it, too, so it must have been a VERY big deal for the school.

I headed down to Santa's late in the evening. Her two doggies have had a traumatic day. They were boarded for 3 or 4 days because Santa's cousin is allergic to them and since she was in California before there cruise, the dogs (A.K.A. the boyz) couldn't be home. After being pick up from the broading location they went off to the groomers and then home. I'm used being bombarded with love when I come in and instead came in to two slowing moving doggies. They must be so exhausted. Their tails were wagging, tho, which is a good sign. I fed them and we headed off for a 30 minute walk to make sure they go do-do before heading off to sleep. I was exhausted, too! I took a shower and laid down to sleep.

It's hard for me to fall asleep comfortably in someones else home (unless it's Cindy's guest room, where I had the BEST sleep ever... and even drooled!) so I was already having difficulties falling asleep. Go figure right when I finally start getting some good REM sleep I am woken up by a hacking sound. Trigger was hacking up a lung. I rubbed his back and comforted him, but after a couple minutes of it I started to panic. I got out the 24 Hour vet emergency number and started to get direction just in case I needed to make a visit. After 10 minutes or so Trigger stopped coughing and went back to bed. Not sure what it was, but glad he clear whatever was bothering him!

Since Santa lives 3 cities north of me, I had to wake up an hour early to make sure the boyz got a walked to do their business and allow me enough time to head home and get ready for work. I am so thankful that I am splitting the house sitting roles with Jay, because it's a little overwhelming... but that's what friends are for, right!

I better get something good from Puerto Rico, Santa!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

I get the best sleep in my home, too! haha.

Anonymous said...

I actually hope Santa brings you something from St. Maarten or St. Thomas--much better stops for us! ha Does Santa have a blog? I'd love to see the pics and compare. Hope their weather is good, you can tell hurricane season is building. We had a few rainy days and clouds.

Dogs can be overwhelming and very demanding. I couldn't work at a kennel, I'd pull my hair out. I'm always thinking if I can't handle these 2 dogs (Bat's dogs) how would I handle children??? ha

Jane Doe said...

Hey Flat Coke!

Sorry, but Santa doesn't have a blog. As long as I don't get a carved penis, I will be happy with my gift! haha!

She was able to call me and text me until yesterday when she boarded the ship. I kept getting text messages saying how hot it was.

I am an animcal lover, so I just want to give the boys everything and make sure they get a lot of exercise, so I think I might be stressing myself out with them. I take them for long walks, give them treats and give them endless amounts of love. But she will be home soon.

James said...

Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed.

Anonymous said...

That's why Dodo loves you.

Jane Doe said...

James - so true! Sleeping at home is the best sleep ever...endless you are at Cindys. I am not kidding when I said I passed out and drowled! Haha!

Cindy - Awww....Dodo! I love him, too!!!! I miss the lil guy! :)