Monday, July 23, 2007

I was set up on a blind date!

The other night I got a call from Santa asking if I wanted to go out and I took a rain check for the next day. It was going to be Santa, Dennis and myself or so I thought. Somewhere along the lines of getting ready I was told that I was being set-up on a blind date. Dennis has been telling me about a friend of his that is a great guy and I guess this night we were supposed to meet casually and see if there are any sparks.

Even though I have gone on a few dates since my break-up and have talked to guys, etc. I really am not ready to start dating! Don’t get me wrong, I love the attention but most guys want to take it to the next level and I don’t want to be in a relationship, and heck I can’t imagine finding time for a love in my life right now. Nonetheless, I went along with the setup.

Good thing Santa told me about it plan before hand, because there we were at Dennis house pick up a few clothing items for Santa and cooking dinner when we get a call that both Dennis and Ivan are outside….AAHHHH!!! We were in panic mode. Both of us had just finished working out and were not looking our best, so we turned off the rice, took the salmon out of the kitchen, grabbed our stuff and ran out to my car. Fate is a funny thing. You see there was a car stalled right behind my car and I couldn’t back out. Santa ran to Dennis car and said a quick hello and we rush out, barely missing Ivan.

*wiping eyebrow*

Thank goodness!

We got ready at my house as the salmon finished cooking and met the guys at Rumba Room. One of their friends, Danny, also met up with us.

Both of Dennis’ friends were very sweet the entire night and were kind enough to buy us drinks. Ivan was the guy they were trying to set me up with and I could tell that I was the only one that was kept in the dark about it until the very end! Ivan was a cool guy. Ivan is very engaging, attractive with a clean cut look, funny and dances, too. The only two down falls is that I probably outweigh him by 20lbs and I am slightly taller then him, so it wasn’t a perfect match. Beside the fact that I DON’T want to get into a relationship, he don’t fit what I am looking for, so sorry guys it’s not a match from this end! But I did feel special when he was interested in me.

We had a fun night dancing on the dance floor. I had to get a lil ninja style with two guys. Haha! I kicked for grabbing Santa’s behind and another I elbowed another guy for grabbing me. MEN?!?! What is wrong with them?

We had a little detour on the way home, I accidentally went on the 5 FWY North instead of South and almost ended up in Central Coast of CA. We debated on whether to stay the night in Camarillo and possible go to Hearst Castle the next day or just turn around and go home. We turned around, got breakfast and then I dropped her off at her honey’s place. I got home right when the sun was rising.


Whine Girl said...

awww well they aren't always going to be matches (I'm finding out)


atleast you had a good time!

Jane Doe said...

Jordan very true. I did have a good time and he was a cool guy, but no sparks. should blog about this recent dates. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, Jordan, you should blog about these recent dates. haha.

Even if you're not ready for anything, Kitty Kat, it helps to know there's life out there for whenever you do become ready. One of the most depressing things to think when you're breaking up w/someone is, "I'm not gonna have anyone else to do out with if I break up with him!" That's totally not true.

Jane Doe said...

Cindy - You are so right! It is a great feeling that people want to date me. I just want to enjoy single life right now and focus on school. Not sure where a guy would fit in my schedule anyways. Sense T said the next guy has to fit into my schedule. But I do know that I don't want a "Mr. Right Now" . . . I am good for holding off for a Mr. Right! :)

James said...

Too bad about the sparks. But getting out there is good practice. It helps get your mind off of other things.