Thursday, August 27, 2009

My ammo and theirs

I'm not sure what came over me yesterday. Maybe I wanted to encourage the "alliance" team. Maybe it was guilt from all the weight sabotaging I have contributed to. Who know? But I signed up all competitors for a free 24 Hour Fitness 7 day pass. I printed them out and had the receptionist call each of them and notify them that a envelop was dropped off for them. I didn't know how they would take it. They might think "wow...thanks!!! This is just what I needed!" or "hey? what are you trying to imply?? That I need to go to the gym?" or "hmmm... someone doesn't think I'm competition because they are helping me lose weight!"

Little did I know they had also receive an email. One girl thought someone had stolen her credit card information until she got the envelop. Oops! Didn't expect that reaction.

Naturally, I was cautious when I came in today. I seriously thought I was going have food of some sort waiting for me. Instead, I had a sheet of paper that said "see guys, you should STOP the diet NOW just in case something like this happens." Then there was this story about a guy that was arrested and was able to hide a gun and two clips in his fat layers. Really? This is their ammo? I don't think I would ever be going to jail or need to hide a gun and two clips from the cops, so I am good. I will keep working out and watching what I eat. Speaking of working out, I went to the gym during lunch yesterday and burned 500 calories and then last night did a boot camp at the park. Today will be a run 30-40 mins during lunch. :)


cindy said...

I don't think their letter was so much ammo as a joke. :)

I was gonna run tonite, and then I started watching a TV movie. Ugh. The guilt's keeping me awake, tho.

Jane Doe said...

True. I am just glad it wasn't food.

Yesterday was HOT!!! It was something like 105+ so I could see why you wouldn't want to run. Even at the gym the windows let the sun in and it was hot in there too.

cindy said...

I think I found all the weight you lost. Wah! It's my fault; I need to stop eating cream puffs and truffles.