Saturday, January 23, 2010

FaceBook findings

So I finally joined FaceBook and see tons of people from H.S. The first two years of H.S. was a lot of fun, raising animals, being on competitive teams and making friends that I had a blast with. My later two years of HS were darker. I started ditching school a lot, gained weight, was partying and drinking to escape, etc, etc. So I found this old buddy of mine on FB. I'll give you the short version of what happen. This girl and I were really close and one night I left her at party. Instead of coming to my house that night, she went home and drunk!!! We never talked about that night again (from what i can recall) and we stopped hanging out. I've always wanted to say sorry for being a bad friend and not having the balls to talk to her. I have a tendency to avoid conflict when i know I am in the wrong. Anywho... today i found her on FaceBook and sent her a message basically saying I know many years have passed, but I am sorry for being a sucky friend!

I feel good for finally being about to tell her that even tho it's was so long ago.


cindy said...

What do you mean, you left her at a party? Like you left early and she stayed, but she was supposed to go over to your house afterwards and didn't?
So had she responded?

Jane Doe said...

I feel horrible about the whole situation! I just remember that we were drinking and I was getting annoyed with her because she spilled a mixed drink on the carpet infront of everyone and didn't clean it up. The house belonged to my older sister's friend and they were pissed at me. Later she was outside sitting on the curb leaning on one of my guy friends and didn't want to leave. I thought it was because she wanted to hang out/hook up with my guy friend, but she said she was drunk and couldn't walk, so I left. My Dad was out of town, so she was going to spend the night, but instead she went home, drunk and told her folks. :( We never talked about it and pretty much just ignored eachother for the rest of the year. Weird huh?

Her email was very sweet. She said thank you for thinking about it and emailing her. She said HS was a long time ago and then asked what was going on in my life since then and we exchanged some emails back and forth. It was great to catch up and see where life took her.