Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ramblings of a student

I've been a weird mood lately. It could be for a lot of reasons - I am fighting a cold, school has become extremely stressful this quarter, I'm working less and less hours at my research job, and finances have me worried.

I don't know why, but I can't handle bad news well or just seem like there is a little gray cloud hanging over me lately.

I broke down after my chem mid-term last week. It was my b-day and failing my mid-term just got to me. Granted, I could just take the class over and start fresh, but I felt like a failure. I hate chem. Even times were I have had a weekly tutor, studied and did all the work, I barely got by with a C. Reality of "how am i going to do this" and get only A's and B's is setting in.

Yesterday, I drove practically 40 miles round trip to see my counselor to removing a routine advising hold so I can register for classes. Traffic was a mess and so was parking. My regular 30-45 drive was about an hour and finding a parking spot damn near took 30 minutes. I had to go to this office called SEES to get one of the 3 forms I needed for the meeting. They were closed! Luckily, when I went into the SEES study room, there just happen to be on of the forms I need. Then I headed to the biology office to get my curriculum worksheet and planning form and headed off to my advisor office. A lot of walking and three buildings later there was a yellow posit-it saying he wasn't having office hours that day. Ugh! I went there today 30 minutes early to ensure I was the first student to be seen and he arrived 30 minutes late. WTF? During the advising session i learned i needed to take 3 additional organic chem classes. *crying!* Makes me want to rethink being a vet. I mean taking these classes doesn't even guarantee I will make it into vet school. Why put myself through such hell? I know, I know... I am not looking at the big picture.

Saturday, I drove in a big rain storm to take this math placement test at school in hopes of being able to take Trig on campus, instead of at the JC. Got my results and I scored at algebra level :( I either have to take the class over at CPP, wait to take the placement exam again in October OR take it at the JC. My school has a weird rule that if you haven't taken the prereq class within a year, you have to take the placement test and pass to be let in. I don't want to waste more money on classes I already took or spend more time studying for a placement test, so the JC it is.


cindy said...

=( I had no idea on Saturday that this is what you'd just dealt with. You seemed as peaceful as you normally seem that evening.

Well, hope you cheered up a bit by the evening.

Jane Doe said...

Earlier that Saturday a lot more drama had happened and I told Jay that I was happy that I was meeting up with all of you because otherwise I would be a mooping mess at home. Perfect timing!