Wednesday, February 10, 2010

B-day Sushi

I miss my old town and the convenience of knowing where everything is. Yesterday. Santa and I headed over to Chomp's Sushi (in my old neck of the woods) to enjoy their Sexy Mutha rolls and celebrate my b-day. It was nice to catch up over some great food. We started off with edemames and a cumber salad that had squid, seaweed and crab meat on it. Next came the long awaited rolls and at the last minute Santa ordered a banana tempura and ice cream dessert. The celebration had come days after my sister wanting to reschedule or shorten my b-day celebration so she could go to a workshop, which ended with us cancelling the whole celebrating all together, so it was very touching. Sometimes people do something kind, like inviting you to lunch, not knowing what perfect timing it is and how extra special the act of kindness was.

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