Friday, March 16, 2007

What would I do without you???

Did I drink too much last night? If so, I am light weight! I only had two Bailey’s on the rocks (compliments of Cindy). Granted I had only eaten a few Do-Si-Do Girl Scout cookies topped with peanut butter & chocolate soy cream at 6:30 and it was now past 10:30PM. But it seems that the alcohol has impaired my memory and I can’t remember any of my log-in information, passwords, etc. Last night we had to open a fake yahoo account so that I could get a gmail invite, then set up a gmail account and finally set up my blog. This morning I can only remember one password, but can’t recall to which account it goes to. Arrgg! I fanatically emailed my blogger parents, Cindy and James, and admitted I was your typical kid and need help! Hopefully, my memory will kick in soon!

Just got an email from Blogger Dad and he refreshed my memory. Thanks, Blogger Dad! I think I am grounded, tho… He said no more cat nip for me!


Anonymous said...

Happy 1-Day Old bday!

It's okay that you didn't remember. I mean, you made up a lot of stuff last nite, blogger page name, blogger address and pw, fake email address and pw. That's a lot of random tidbits to remember. And besides, it was two pretty tall glasses of Bailey's!

Anonymous said...

Baileys!!! Yummy!!!

But even though you had forgotten all your passwords, and login ids and everything you must still remember who your Childhood Hero is right?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I love this baby blog!!! Its so soft and cuddly.

Glad you had James & Cindy to remind you of the passwords.

Just imagine what would happen if you turned up a fifth!!

Jane Doe said...

"blowing out candle on blog, b-day cake & making wish*